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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bob Brown Cycles - Miineapolis, MN

Who the heck is Bob Brown and why on earth should I buy a bike from you?Good question, I'm a Mechanical Engineer by degree and have over 10 years experience as a Design Engineer in heavy industry. I'm also a bike nut and in general a fabricator of all things. I'm also a certified machinist and experienced in nearly every form of metalwork and joining. In short I design and build things that others won't or simply can't.I've been building custom frames for about 10 years now and have quite a few under my belt. I've honed in my skills on building the best custom carved lugged steel frames around. That's what I do and I think you'll agree the result speak for themselves.

3' passing law - Get up to speed (Thanks Tricia)

BikingBis forum has the details of each of the 14 states which have the minimum 3' passing law

The "" website has a document which explains the benefits of the law

This VeloNews article explains the Previs v. Dailey case in which a cyclist was expected to pull off the road while being passed

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Off topic: Spammers

My blog has become so popular that I am now getting hit with spam comments. Argh... I moderate comments so nobody sees them. Some of them don't make any sense which is weird.

From the mailbag: Seagull Bags is having a sale on Saturday 19th

From the mailbag: Seagull Bags is having a 20% off sale on Saturday 19th from 10-3. Everything in our shop will be on sale!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

crazyguyonabike - A place for bicycle tourists and their journals

About crazyguyonabike

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Hi! I am Neil Gunton, the founder/programmer/webmaster/editor of This is a free, independent website for hosting bicycle touring journals, forums and resources. The content is contributed by people from all over the world. You can browse the journals and articles orregister and then create your own. Also check out the forums (message boards), reviews (users' reports on bicycle touring gear), resources (links, routes, hospitality, businesses and other useful info related to bicycle touring) and classifieds (companions, for sale, wanted etc). You can find interesting content via serendipity, or see what other users think is cool (or controversial) via the ratings.
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I started crazyguyonabike in January 2000 as a simple online journal of my own 1998 bicycle tour across America. This was the original (and only) journal on the website, and it was appropriately titled "Crazy Guy on a Bike". So the name of the website actually originated with the title of my original journal. In the process of developing that first version of the site, I also wrote a number of software tools which allowed me to edit the journal online, through a web browser. This first version of the site went live in February 2000. I added a guestbook for people to leave comments in April of the same year. Almost immediately I realized that the code I had written could be expanded relatively easily to allow other people to share their own experiences from the road. So, I expanded the scope of the site to allow other people to contribute their own journals; this took longer than I thought (as always) and it eventually went live in March of 2001. The site grew organically, with me adding features here and there, and over the next few years crazyguyonabike became a fairly busy website, with hundreds of bicycle touring journals and articles.


Crazyguyonabike was winner of The Adventure Cycling Association's 2007 Pacesetter of the Year Award. More details in the newsletter, and theforum thread. Here's Neil's original Crazy Guy on a Bike journal, the one that started it all.
Adventure Cycling Awards

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday Night Ride to Starliner Diner Pics and Report

Started at Goodale and rode out 3rd then north to 5th. 5th to McKinley north to Scioto Darby into Hilliard. Our destination was Starliner Diner for dinner. Food was great. 4 people rode. Temps were in low 30's. It was pretty windy for the ride out and we had a tailwind on the way back. We rode 21 miles total.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Unicycle Built for Two

Secure bicycle storage being studied for Downtown Proposal includes 12 facilities using $490,000 grant - Dispatch

Bicycle shelters. Bicycle parking. Bicycle lockers.
The drive to make Columbus more bicycle-friendly is shifting into gear as enthusiasts and officials decide how to use a $490,000 federal grant from a program aimed at improving energy efficiency and conservation.
A proposal by the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District calls for four shelters and three "secure parking" areas for bicycles Downtown. Bike lockers and parking areas in five Downtown garages also are under consideration.

Yay Bikes December Newsletter

Dearest Cyclist,

In the most joyous spirit of the holidays, Yay Bikes! thanks you for your kindness, patience, creativity, and generosity in 2009. Without you, Yay Bikes! cyclists wouldn't have celebrated a successful Bike to Work Week, opened an office, launched a new website, educated seven cycling instructors,  provided Pedal Instead bicycle valet service at major events, helped Columbus attain the League of American Bicyclists' Bronze Award, and organized rides as diverse as Bike the Cbus and Night of 1000 Tacos!

If you'd like to support the work of Yay Bikes!, there are several options in the left-hand column in this newsletter. But other (already-nonprofit) local cycling organizations could also use your help! Please read on to learn more about these projects and how you can help advance their missions with even a small donation.

And stayed tuned for next month's newsletter, when we'll lay out a timeline for May Bike Month planning! Start thinking about YOUR contribution NOW!

Happy Holidays,
Yay Bikes!

The Bike Lady
bike gift
In 2008, the Blacklick woman now known as "The Bike Lady" organized animpromptu bike drive that collected enough cash, bikes and gear for 125 children of Franklin County Children's Services to wake up to a new bike from Santa! You can help The Bike Lady fulfill the holiday wishes of a vulnerable child this year with a cash donation - any amount is appreciated; $125 will get a child on a bike with a helmet and lock. 

Pedal Instead


Volunteers with The Enrichment Association's bicycle valet service parked an impressive 5,436 bikes this year (up from 3,871 in 2008!) for cyclists at events like Buckeye Football, ComFest, Latino Fest, and more. This year the team was also awarded the WTS International Innovative Transportation Solutions Award! Your sponsorship of or donation to Pedal Instead allows the bike valet to maintain its equipment and to attend events that couldn't otherwise afford the service.

Third Hand Bicycle Co-op


The primary goal of the Third Hand Bicycle Co-op is to promote cycling as safe and environmentally responsible transportation. The shop provides community members with the facilities and tools, and the skills and knowledge, to help make cycling an essential part of their everyday lives. Weekly open shop hours are Weds 6-9pm and Sat 12-6pm, with a Womyn/Trans night on Thursdays 6-9pm. Your donation to Third Hand helps with overhead during the winter off-season and with the purchase of tools.

Learn More & Contribute!

Body Skating in Switzerland

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quick Service Bike Shop in Martins Ferry, OH

Versatile Bike for winter and summer riding - Fisher Presidio

Fisher custom butted Platinum Series Steel, sliding dropouts
Bontrager Race, Bontrager Jones CXR tires
SRAM Rival front derailleur, SRAM Rival rear derailleur, SRAM Rival 10spd shifters, SRAM S-300 crank, Avid Shorty brakes
Bontrager Race Lite Cyclocross, Aluminum steerer, Carbon Legs, Crown Mounted cable stop, fender mounts
Editors Note: This is the same frame as the Lemond Poprad. If you can find the 2009 model in black it is made in the US. The 2010 models are made overseas.

2nd Annual Oglebay Festival of Lights Bicycle Ride Report and Pics

We started out with four riders this year, Kevin, Carolyn, Dave and myself. There were supposed to be at least two-three more, but life happens. Downtown Wheeling was the starting point and we needed to get up to Oglebay on top of the hill to ride through the lights. So, we headed down through town and over to the bike path that ends in Elm Grove. From there we headed out to Peters Run. There was heavy traffic on Peters Run compared to last year, but we kept chugging along until we got to the top to meet Doug. From there we headed over to the Speidel Golf Course and jumped into traffic. We did part of the loop and started back toward the park. Carolyn couldn't get out of her clips and proceeded to slo-motion fall onto her side and my front wheel. I didn't budge, but the wheel did. It was knocked out of true about an inch. Not good. But Dave Crow, who works at Quick Service bike shop in Martins Ferry did his best to bring it back to life. It was enough to get me home, but the wheel was pronounced dead at the Trek Store of Columbus.

We continued on toward the park up past the ski lodge and down past the pool and tennis courts. Then we climbed up past the Lodge and over to the Mansion. At this point we met up with the bulk of traffic. Cars were backed up to the Wheeling Tunnel which is at least 8 miles down the road. As we turned onto the road an Oglebay ranger yells at Kevin to stay in the lane and maintain proper distance. At first we thought he was serious, but his buddy started laughing and we let it go as a joke. As we made out way down past the zoo someone in the car decided that we weren't going fast enough and yelled obscenities. Again, we shrugged it off. Well, at least the main group. I had some choice words for them.

We stopped at a display so Dave could do some bike tricks (see video) and then made out way to the end of the lights at the Environmental Ed center. There, we parted ways with Doug and headed down to the Alpha for some food and drink. (see pics)

Total ride mileage for Kevin and me was 29 miles. Carolyn got a lift home from the Alpha and Dave rode back to Martins Ferry so he may have had close to 40 when he was done. Definitely a great adventure.