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Lessons learned: My first bikepacking race on the Grand Loop


Homeport’s LVL With Us podcast Bonus 'sode 6: Density vs. Transit

We’re back with the team from Toole Design, Catherine Girves and Tobi Otulana, who we heard from in our last episode on inclusive transportation, and Leah Evans, Homeport president and CEO. For this bonus ‘sode we’re discussing how we can support adding density with robust transportation options, including mass transit like light rail and bus rapid transit (BRT). We talk about tackling our public right of way policies and how we can adjust them to make room for modes like biking and walking. Can we add density without having transportation options already built in for the individuals and families who inevitably need to move from one place to another? Would things like BRT and light rail be viable without first establishing density?  Bonus 'sode 6: Density vs. Transit