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14 on the 14th? CemeScary Ride Rescheduled

Since it is raining out now we have decided to move the ride to Saturday. We are trying to setup the additional cemeteries and we will start at the same time and same place. We decided to call the ride because of the severity of the rain and lightning. About 8PM we realized that it was indeed a nice evening to ride, but it was too late to start the ride in my opinion. We will be starting at 6PM from 15th and High on Saturday the 14th. We may add a pet cemetery or just another cemetery to the list. Hope to see everybody out this evening.

Friday the 13th CemeScary Rally is Friday the 13th! That's tomorrow!

I would like to invite everyone to a cemetery rally on Friday the 13th. The route map is below. I think we will start between 6-7PM from 15th and High on FRIDAY the 13th. I have a meeting every Friday from 4:30-5:30PM and may not be able to get over to the starting point until 6:30PM. I will update the start time as we get closer. I do not see us starting after 7PM. Sunset is 9:02 p.m. so please bring lights and cameras for the action. We will make stops and we have an ice cream shop on the route. View Larger Map

Council Approves Plan For 100 Miles Of Bike Lanes, Trails

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- It could soon be easier for cyclists to get around Central Ohio. A bicentennial bikeway plan, proposed by Mayor Michael Coleman, is a step closer to becoming a reality, NBC 4's Patrick Preston reported. With gas prices on the rise and global warming concerns higher than ever, bike riding is more than a hobby for cyclists like Jeff Stephens. It's a way to get to work, and a way of life. more... The plan PDF

6/09/2008 Ride Report

Some highlights... Rode early with Pinky (Chris) got in a fast 12 miles. Averaged 18mph. We rode up the trail and encountered a snapping turtle hanging out in the center of the path. So we decided to be nice and move him/her. I burst out laughing when Pinky squealed like a little girl. We both were intimidated by it and used a stick to move it off the path. Snapping turtles have a lot of power in their jaw. Stopped at bike polo to watch them play for a while. I learned not to ride close to walls. Matt showed off his wall burn on his leg. He got too close to a wall and ended up with wall (road) rash. I guesstimate 40 people were there at the start. Casey led out toward the east. Somewhere along the way a bloody coup took place (only it ran Pink). We rode east toward the airport. I needed to leave early so I headed down south to the bar. Total 28 miles.

Saturday Ride Report - June 7, 2008

I wanted to get out of the city and ride a rural route. So I instigated a ride to Granville with some riders I met last summer. Seven people showed up, which surprised me because of the threat for rain. We left from Gahanna (route info from GPS later) and headed east on Clark State at a slow pace. We continued to head east for about 10 miles and decided to turn north toward 161. We crossed 161 and had to portage onto the new 161 which is closed to auto traffic. At that point technology, a godsend, turned on the ride. I pulled up the radar and it looked as though the rain was about to hit us. So four of the riders decided to head back for a 20-25 mile ride. Tricia needed to head back anyway since she was driving to Cleveland in the afternoon. We rode east on the incomplete 161 and had to portage onto a access road. We headed north and hooked up with Jersey Mill Road. The Marathon in Alexandria was the next stop. There were a lot of cyclists out. The temps were in the 80's but the hu