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Live the Dream! - Bicycle City is being built (Not to be confused with Spatula City)

Bicycle City is a planned car-free communities project with a mission to create great sustainable places where people can live, work and visit. Parking is it on the edge of the community near your home.  Warm Up: join us at  Bicycle City South Carolina  on December 11th for our 'Bike to Bicycle City / Ceremonial Ground Breaking Events Day'. Highlights: bike/hike tours, trail building, food, music &  more . RSVP . [more]

Don't lock your bike, run it up the pole!

Expansion of Bike Lanes in City Brings Backlash - New York Times

Taking the bicycle lane on Ninth Avenue. New York has added 250 miles of bicycle-only lanes in the past four years, but not everyone is pleased. By J. DAVID GOODMAN Published: November 22, 2010 Over the last four years, the streets of New York City have undergone a transformation: More than 250 miles of traffic lanes dedicated for bicycles have been created, and several laws intended to promote cycling have been passed. The efforts by the  Bloomberg administration  have placed the city at the forefront of a national trend to make bicycling viable and safe even in the most urban of settings. Yet over the last year, a backlash has taken hold. [more]

Sunday Top of Ohio Ride Report - 11212010

Highlights Milford Center start 11 riders Caused a stampede of cattle : ) (See pics) Lunch in Bellfontaine Rode over highest point in Ohio Corkscrew Hill (no mechanicals because people take care of their bikes) 56 miles

Saturday Ride - Cranksgiving Ride Report 11202010

Highlights 14 mile ride to downtown Columbus Cranksgiving 29 riders 4 stores to pickup $10 of various groceries 15 miles 34 miles total

Bike with engine (doped bike)

M55 E-Bike