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Bicycling Editors' Choice 2010 Nominees : Bicycling

Bicycling Editors' Choice 2010 Nominees : Bicycling

Teen killed, 2 friends hurt during spring-break bike trip : (

A spring-break bicycle trip by three close friends turned tragic when a van veered across a rural stretch of highway in southern Illinois and struck them, killing one of the girls. The three seniors from the University of  Chicago Lab School had planned the trip for months, planning to bike 500 miles during the break. They were riding along Shawneetown/New Haven Road, just north of Shawneetown, around 2 p.m. Wednesday when a minivan driven by an 86-year-old man crossed the center line and hit all three girls. Faith Dremmer, 17, was killed, and Julia Baird, 18, and Kaia Tammen, 18, were injuured, according to the state police. more...

Public Bikes

About We’ve been watching the increase in bike usage in cities around the world for about ten years. It’s been fun. Copenhagen  has challenged Amsterdam as the center of biking fashion. Paris launched its VĂ©lib program and now thousands of Parisians get around on city-owned bikes. Berlin, Barcelona, Seville, and numerous other cities throughout Europe followed.  New York  has put in bike lanes along 9th Avenue and bike racks all over the city.  Portland  has become the commuter bike capital of North America. Videos are popping up in cities like  Cleveland  to support progressive transportation policies and the rights of pedestrians and bikers.  David Byrne  has been holding town hall meetings across the U.S. to support smarter urban planning. Our very own  San Francisco Bicycle Coalition  has been growing in double digits and now boasts over 11,000 lively members. Many hotels now offer bikes for their guests. You would have to be hiding under a rock not to see that in almost all citie

The Active Community Transportation Act of 2010

GROUNDBREAKING:  U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer (Ore.) introduced H.R. 4722, the  Active Community Transportation Act of 2010 , in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, March 2, 2010.  Encourage your U.S. representative to co-sponsor the legislation now! For the past several years, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) has been working closely with local, state and national partners around the country on the Campaign for Active Transportation. Building on the successes of the  Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program , the ACT Act would establish a competitive active transportation investment fund, to invest in walking and bicycling improvements in targeted communities around the country. These resources would enable communities to build interconnected systems — allowing people to travel between the places they work, live, play, learn and shop without needing  car . If the act is passed, the U.S. Department of Transportation will administer a competitive fund, which will inv

Tuesday Night Ride Report - 03232010

We had seven riders out for the TNR. A few of the MNR crew rode by as we were leaving, but they did not join us. They all had quizzical looks on their faces, probably from the rumors of our fast paces and inability to stop at parks to drink beer every three miles. We headed north on High and stopped at Paradise Garage to say hi. North to Broadway where we headed to the trail and then went all the way to Hills Market. We crossed over and headed up the hill into the neighborhoods. From there we wound our way down to Hard Road. We took Hard Road and turned south to Wilson. Wilson over to High and then due south on High. I had about 28 miles for the loop. Thirty total for me, others mileage varied based on starting points. Got a little cool over the course of the ride, but not too bad.

As seen at Paradise Garage

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Packing the Gocycle into the Hard Case

Scicon Roller System

NEW ROLLER 2.0 In 1996 Sci’con introduced the first revolutionary Roller System ™ to simplify saddle fixing and release of saddlebags. New Roller 2.0 represents a step forward in the evolution of Roller system. This innovative fixing system allows you to quickly and easily remove the saddlebag from its quick release mount under the saddle. The mount installs without any tools and the saddlebags with 2 tire levers included snaps in very securely. The integration of 2 tire levers in the mount guarantees more space in a smaller bag dimension! The attach system is guarantee by the legendary and tested Roller System that allows to remove the bag from its saddle lock in a few minutes with an easy movement, without the aid of tools. more...

Feds Deem Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists Equals - Wired Magazine

Feds Deem Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists Equals By  Jason Kambitsis     March 19, 2010  |   12:48 pm  |   Categories:  Infrastructure At long last, the feds have said the needs of pedestrians and cyclists must be placed alongside, not behind, those of motorists. In what amounts to a sea change for the Department of Transportation, the automobile will no longer be the prime consideration in federal transportation planning. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says the needs of pedestrians and cyclists will be considered along with those of motorists, and he makes it clear that walking and riding are “an important component for livable communities.” “People across America who value  bicycling should have a voice  when it comes to transportation planning,” LaHood wrote on his blog. “This is the  end  of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized.” Read More

Sunday Ride 03/21/10 Recap

Brett and I rode from the east side north through New Albany and then east over to the Thomas J. Evans Foundation Bikeway or the Johnstown to Newark trail. We rode to the terminus and then headed back west. We stopped in Granville for some refreshments. As we were heading down the trail a bunch of people were stopped. So we stopped. We came to find out that on a farm adjacent to the trail someone was shooting a gun and the strays were hitting pretty close to the trail. Of course, we had already passed by the trouble area without any trouble. We continued south east and Brett turned off to head home in town. Finished with 55.5 miles and averaged 15.8mph.

Wheeling Ride 03202010 Recap

I decided to head over to Wheeling for a ride with Kevin. I was surprised to see Stephan and Chaz show up for the ride as well. We headed south on the Heritage trail and then east out through Elm Grove. We had a pitstop at Wheelcraft bikes to say hi to Andy and Cindy. Then we jumped on National Road and headed out past West Alexander to Dutch Fork. Dutch Fork used to have a sizable lake, but several years ago the dam cracked after heavy rains and the Corp drained it. You can see the boundary of what used to be the lake, but it is overgrown. I noticed that my front tire was slowly losing pressure so we stopped and pumped up the tire. When we got to Bethany I decided we should change the tube, so we changed it while we replenished with food and drink. My Armadilloes are wearing and a shard cut through the tread. Chaz and Stephan needed to leave so they headed out route 88 towards Oglebay Park. Kevin and I started out 67 and a the top of the first hill I realized that the replacement