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From the Mailbag: WCRS Tech Meeting Reminder: August 27th

WCRS folk! This is a reminder to please attend the WCRS Tech Meeting on Wednesday August 27th at 2929 N. High St. Ste A above Aladdin's in Clintonville. The meeting will be at 7pm. Snacks and refreshments will be provided too! Come see how you abilities and skils can be applied to strengthen Community Radio is Columbus. We are seeking help with: Website WCRSFM.ORG Podcasting and streaming Hardware and EQ reliability and use Software Training Better Web presence Automation and More!

Bike the C-Bus turn markers are being placed

We started the process of painting the turn by turn markers for the Bike the C-Bus ride taking place on August 23. Here is a pic.

Pedal Powered Movie Series: Karate Kid

Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails, 3rd & Gay Wednesday, August 13 Here is a pic from Karate Kid Here is a pic from last month's movie, Wayne's World.

Pedicab Amsterdam Style

We walked past this Pedicab several times in the main square in Amsterdam. There were several others riding around town.

Amsterdam Bicycle Street Light

This pic shows the bicycle lane street light with a cyclist waiting for the light to change. This pic clearly shows the countdown timer to let you know then the light will change. Very cool!

Oxford Cycle Workshop

I walked (walked??) around Oxford and visited 6 shops while my wife was in class. I stopped into the Oxford Cycle Workshop, the counterpart to our Third Hand Coop. Here are some pics. Their website is here...

Riding around Amsterdam

Bicycle Parking Garage in Amsterdam


London Street Performer

When I visited London there were street performers near the London Eye. Of course anything with a bicycle catches my eye. Pay the man something and he rides like crazy.