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Octopus Caps highlighted in Mountain Bike Magazine - check it out on the newsstand

check out their products...

2009 Columbus Bum Shuffle Pics and Ride Report

The Bum Shuffle is an alleycat race. I rode with my friend Michael and saw many, many friends who I have not seen in a while. Trenton and Heidi were there from Octopus . If you have not heard they were highlighted in Mountain Bike magazine in the winter gear section. They handed us the map with the checkpoints and we plotted our route. We headed north to Cooke, west on Cooke to High. Down High where we passed several checkpoints. Then down Doddridge and through the brush to the trail. Down the trail to Fifth for a checkpoint. West on Fifth to Grandview. At Grandview and Goodale we stopped at the park for a checkpoint. Then down Goodale and across Vine to High. Up High to Goodale for a stop and then down High to Long to B1 Bicycles for the last stop. Up 4th to the finish line. We completed it in 1:16. They were tallying all the points for the awards ceremony at the after party. I only picked up some bonus points on a few items. I missed one of the bonus cards and never picked up a

Night of 1001 Tacos Pics

Night of 1001 Tacos is TONIGHT

Make no mistake, folks – we’re committed.  Dampness will not put a damper on the activities… or our enthusiasm!  Join us tonight – and feel free to use the mode of transportation that you feel is most appropriate given the weather. The trucks are geared up – many have cover from the precipitation, and many are offering significant discounts.  And, don’t forget – the night ends in a nice, warm, dry theater with the screening of The Three Amigos at Studio 35. It’s all for a good cause – all donations and ticket sales go to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

RoadGuardian - …the FIRST global tool for reporting, marking and sharing the geo-locations for cycling incidents and trouble spots.

One way to make cycling safer is to know where the danger points and trouble spots are located. Where have cyclists experienced "close calls"? Where have they been hit and injured? Where have they been killed? Where have dogs chased them? Where are the pot holes located? Where have cyclists been harassed by motorists? Start reporting here...

2009 Columbus Bum Shuffle is Saturday, October 10th

so, kids, the race is coming up this saturday, oct 10th. just so everyone is "in the know," registration and the after party are at the dude locker, which is located at the eastern dead end of e. tompkins st. the warehouse is past n. 4th st., by the railroad tracks: . we recommend that you ride to the race if at all possible, but if you need to drive, please try to park on n. 4th st. a few blocks south of tompkins. the parking situation right by the dude locker isn't the best and we don't want to make parking impossible for the people who live there on tompkins. registration opens at 1:00pm and ends around 2:45. the race will then begin promptly at 3:00, so don't come late. the after party will begin around 8:00pm with the awards ceremony right around 8:45. you will need to have your spoke card to get in. if you didn't pay to race, then you'll owe the $10 fee in order to attend the party. once in, all of your colt 45 drinks will be

Interbike Fashion Show Presented by Momentum 2009

4th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Ride - October 10th, 2009

4th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Ride October 10th, 2009 Trek Store  Columbus  East - 10 am 5334 N Hamilton Road   Columbus Purpose: To raise awareness for breast cancer prevention, screening, and treatment by joining forces with women and men of all ages and abilities to ride on the same day, at the same time, all over the country, in the name of breast cancer research. Rider Registration Fee: $25-100% of registration fees donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Ride Options: 10,27 and 50 mile Live music. Free food $25 pre-register or $30 day of Please come join us! Click here to register. 

Tuesday Night Ride Pics - Ridin in the Rain!

We had five participants this week. We rode through the west side out to Sullivant and stopped at the Camp Chase Cemetery. It looks as though more gravestones were added recently. The grass is being resodded as well. Then we headed west and stopped at three taco trucks before heading east on Broad. The rain was with us for the first half of the ride and let up on the way back. Great evening.

Bike Furniture - Woooh Yeah!

Bike Furniture Design  is a design and manufacturing studio specializing in contemporary, modern furniture made primarily from recycled steel and aluminum bicycle rims, handlebars, and frames. Working within the vernacular of classic modern furniture design, BFD founder Andy Gregg has continued to refine this comfortable and durable furniture since 1990. Since the original Bike Chair, Bike Furniture Designs have grown to include a wide-ranging collection of high-quality tables, bar stools, loveseats, and more chairs. Some designs, in addition to utilizing the bicycle, also utilize components from other transportation industries. These designs use train and automobile windows for tabletops, and surplus automotive seat-belt webbing for seating upholstery. Bike Furniture upholstery options are unlimited. Some options include leather, rubber, cork, clear and colored acrylic, and vinyl. BFD founder/primary designer Andy Gregg has been influenced by his years spent in bike shops

Night of 1001 Tacos Press Event on Fox28 - Pics

SRAM Torpedo Fixed and Free Gear Hub - Urban Velo Review

The  SRAM Torpedo  hub is unique, and one of the more exciting test items to come into my hands in some time. Freewheel or fixed - this hub switches with a few turns of a screw making it the first such hub to do so since the long lost ACS Freetrack. This switcheroo does come with a weight penalty - the hub is listed at about 480g, though honestly the weight difference between the Torpedo and a conventional flip/flop fixed/free hub with cog and freewheel attached is minimal. more... SRAM website

Ridge Runner Ride - 100409

Last minute call to Brett gave me a chance to get out and ride with somebody. It was pretty windy but we made it through. Really not much going on except a lot of classic cars out and about. Did 64 miles, averaged 16mph and climbed 2200 feet.