Yell Like Your Hair's on Fire and 5 More Urban Cycling Tips [Good Cities]

When I was seventeen, I watched my father get hit by a car. He recovered, but I've had a fear of cars ever since. Ironically, I love city cycling. I love out-running city busses, flying between rows of traffic, and parking wherever I damn please. City cycling makes me feel free. 
To balance this love of biking and fear of cars, I started a company to protect urban cyclists and I've armed myself with skills to stay safe while biking aggressively. I learned these skills fighting Boston's Masshole drivers, and honed them living and biking on the mean streets of Manhattan and Tel Aviv.
1. Yell Like Your Hair's on Fire
Just because we don't have car horns doesn't mean we can’t get loud. When I ride, I shout like a madman. A pedestrian gets in my way? I scream, "LEFT!" A car's about to cut me off, I shout "HO!" In our civilized society, public shouting is weird. But on the urban biking battlefield, it's survival.