Cyclists vs. cars: Locked forever in life-and-death struggle for right of way [Durango Herald]

I’m trying to stay calm, but I can see what’s happening:
The driver behind me is speeding up to pass just before the roundabout. He’ll squeeze me out and then hit the brakes, causing me to do the same and kill my precious momentum on this sweet downhill cruise into town.
Do you have to be like this? If you wait a moment – seriously, a second or less – I will get to the traffic-less roundabout first, pedal around it at 25 mph, and quickly be half a block ahead of your less-agile vehicle. You can then pass me at your leisure.
And I won’t be all flustered and cursing, and I’ll be in a good mood when I get to work and the world will be a better place.
Cyclists vs. cars. Does anyone win?
Definitely not the cyclist.
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