An Open Letter to Interbike [Bicycling]

Dear Interbike,
I’m not able to be there this year. At first I was a bit blue about that, because you know I’m really into the sport and love to ride bikes, check out all the industry goodies, and hang out with bike people.
Photo courtesy Interbike's Facebook page. Love you WTB, but really? I guess maybe she's sitting on some model '13 saddle or something...
But as the reports roll out of Las Vegas, I realize there’s much I really don’t miss about you. I gotta be honest here. I’m usually a pretty mild mannered*, good natured, good humored girl (*that one may or may not be true, depending who you ask), but the big family reunion you throw in the desert each September always gets me a little rankled.
Every year I (and other women in the industry) get all these memos and invites about important “Women in Cycling” events during the show. Every manufacturer, major, minor, and otherwise (well maybe aside from a handful who don’t even pretend to care) puts its women-specific products on parade and vows its undying devotion to reaching the women’s market, which, by the way, represents about 42 percent of recreational cyclists.