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Monday, May 30, 2011

Titanium Tubing Strength Video

Trail List for Ohio, WV, PA

Akron Metroparks Bike and Hike Trail - Akron, OH

Brady’s Run Trails - Beaver, Pennsylvania
Mill Creek Bikeway Mahoning County, Ohio
Stavich Bicycle Trail New Castle, PA
Ohio - Rail to trails website
Three River Heritage trail - Bike and jogging trail around downtown Pittsburgh
Great Allegheny Passage - Pittsburgh area to Washington DC trail
Moraine Moraine State Park
Panhandle Trail - Weirton, WV
Western Reserve Greenway- Ashtabula county trails
Yough River Trail-- Part of Allegheny Passage

Ride HALFWAY to Tar Hollow State Park Ride Recap 05302011

Start location at Three Creeks Park
56 miles
Start temp 70, topping 104 in the sun.
Cross Mound Park - closed due to vandalism
Lunch from IGA and ate at city park
Tim spotted a creek and we stopped to splash in the cold water
We didn't make it to Tar Hollow today, but we sure did get tar on our tires.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

5th Annual Wheeling Heritage Trail Bicycle Tour Ride Recap

Ray, Tim, Bill, Ashley and Dwight. We rode with a couple of guys from Pittsburgh as well on the 100km. The Ayers family rode the 25 mile route.
62 miles
15mph average
41mph top speed
Wheeling to Short Creek to West Liberty, Bethany, Wellsburg back to Wheeling
Temps in upper 60's at start, topped out in mid 90's.

Ride your bike to the GCAC Columbus Arts Fest! Park for free at Pedal Instead corner of Cleveland & Spring

We are glad to be back! After a year off, award winning Pedal Instead valet bike parking is back at the Columbus Arts Festival. This year we will be located at the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Spring Street at the North West corner of the event. (See our cute little bike on the map?)
Interested in volunteering? We thought you might be. Click here to sign up for an open shift. Volunteer 4 hours or more and you’ll get a fancy “Columbus Arts Festival Volunteer” t-shirt.

Wheeling, WV Area Bike Shop Photos

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rapha Backpack

Rapha Backpack

Following the success of the acclaimed Rapha Backpack comes its larger counterpart. Using the same robust fabrics and ergonomic design, the pack has greater capacity and additional features that make it ideal both for commuting and touring on the bike. Whether it’s a hard slog through the rain to the office, or a week’s randonee in the Alps, this is the pack to choose.
The Large Backpack combines elegant styling with road cycling performance features and functionality. The pack is lightweight and has an increased capacity of 17 litres (Rapha’s regular backpack is 11), large enough for a change of clothes, books, tools and a large laptop (15 inches). The pack has an additional, fold-out compartment of five litres, designed to take a pair of shoes.
The main pack is made from a tough, waterproof fabric and the zips are also waterproof to keep the elements at bay. The plain black exterior has reflective ‘pin dots’ to make a rider more visible when cycling at night and there are also light loops on the straps and rear panel.
Padding in the rear of the pack has been designed to follow the curve of the rider’s spine and chest and waist straps give extra stability when climbing or when the pack is fully loaded. The inside of the pack is fully lined and includes: padded laptop sleeve; fleece-lined sunglasses pocket; tool pocket; pump straps; drink bladder pocket; and pen/ pencil holders. The pack also has two easy-access side pockets for keys and a wallet.
Unfortunately we are unable to gift-wrap the Large Backpack.
"The original is a hard act to follow but there are times when I need to carry a heavier load to or from work, and that's been a problem. Enter the new Large Rapha Backpack."
Michael Robertson -


Metal Cowboy By Joe "Metal Cowboy" Kurmaskie

An excerpt from Joe's Best Selling First book.
"Metal Cowboy"
"Tales from the Road Less Pedaled"

By Joe "Metal Cowboy" Kurmaskie

Metal Cowboy Logo

Oh, to Be Young and Go Very, Very Fast

It was 5:30 a.m. in Pocatello, Idaho, a thin sheet of icy rain masked sunrise, and I wasn't quite sure I was up for my latest bicycling adventure.

Coasting through the nearly deserted streets of this small western town, I found myself poised at a stoplight. An ingrained obedience to traffic laws coupled with a sleepy hangover from the long train ride kept me anchored in place though there wasn't a car in sight.

As I waited, an old rancher ambled up to the intersection. The fur collar on his long coat was tattered, crusted with tobacco stains, and faded. As his cane tapped its way over my bike, I noticed for the first time that he was blind. One eye drooped shut like that of a tomcat that had seen too many late-night brawls, while the other, still open, was cloudy and distant. That eye reminded me of an African tribesman seen in the pages of National Geographic who suffered from river blindness.

The old rancher continued to work his cane over me, tapping as he went. And though the light changed from red to green several times, I remained frozen, allowing this slow survey of my person.

The moment felt intimate and awkward, but I did not break it.

When he was done, the old rancher stood back, grinned through a ruin of teeth, and said, "Ah, metal cowboy."

Arkel Randonneur Rack® and TailRider Trunk Bag

It's strong, light, stable, goes on and off in seconds and adjusts to fit both longer or shorter seat post set ups. A sleek quick release bracket attaches to both sides of the seat rails, forming rock-solid attachment points. The front of the rack gently envelopes the seat post with a soft rubberized clamp that is secured with a velcro strap. The three point attachment system of the Randonneur Rack® brings unequalled stability - it feels like it's bolted on to the frame! Move it from bike to bike depending on what type of riding you want to do

People sure are vocal about what they want - and it suits us just fine! Arkel has designed what might be the sleekest trunk bag available. A single glance shows how different it is: sleek, uncluttered and aerodynamic. The Tail Rider is fully insulated, has an immense opening, many internal pockets and a divider to keep the content from shifting around. Waterproof zippers keep a sudden rain outside, but for longer rides the Tail Rider has an integrated rain cover. That's sweet! A built-in expansion bellow will stretch for more carrying capacity when needed. Finally wrap it all with lots of safety features and the package is the best you can wish for short or long rides alike!


Friday, May 27, 2011

BMC Alpenchallenge AC02

Go everywhere on just one bike – on newly laid asphalt or a forest path. Now it’s the AC02’s turn. Based on the same frame as the AC01 with eccentric bottom bracket/inner bearing, the AC02 also gives you the choice of two wheelset sizes ( 700C or 26“ ).
As well as top-quality SCOR parts, we’ve also installed the new SRAM X5 group with a race triple crankset and Avid Juicy 3 disk brakes in the alpenchallenge AC02. Frame and fork are equipped with eyes for easy retrofitting of fenders and carriers. The alpenchallenge AC02 delivers stress-free biking.

Yelp On Two Wheels: A Taco Truck Tour! is July 9th Noon at Goodale Park.

Saturday, July 9 · 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Goodale Park
Buttles and Park
Columbus, OH

Created By

Rev your engines, yelpers! Er, we mean hop on your bike. We're takin' it to the streets to hit up some awesome centrally-located taco trucks!

We will be riding out to the west side of Columbus and visiting 3-4 taco trucks. Bethia Woolf from and Columbus Food Adventures is working with the trucks to make sure they are ready for throngs of hungry people.

The ride will leave promptly at NOON so please be at Goodale Park by 11:45AM! Columbus Rides will be leading the cyclists to and from the taco trucks. Mileage from Goodale to the trucks and back is roughly 20 miles. The pace will not be fast, so don't let that stop you from joining us! The ride normally takes about 4 hours, so plan accordingly.

But the fun doesn't stop when we're finished riding! We've planned a righteous after-party at Hal & Al's!

Click "I'm In!" and oil that chain. See you then!

Taco Truck Expertise in Columbus, OH

Cycling Event Expertise is leading the ride to the trucks. will be providing technical support for the riders.

Yelp Event Page

Thursday, May 26, 2011


>>>> O R G A N I Z A T I O N   N E W S <<<<

The Ohio Departments of Transportation and Public Safety have awarded Yay Bikes! a $150,000 grantto provide a cyclist safety campaign for OSU students  this fall! The campaign is designed to reduce the number of car/bike crashes on campus and within the University Area by addressing the specific behavors known to lead to crashes. It will include:  
  1. Data collection and analysis of unsafe bicycling and driving behaviors, and bike/car crashes
  2. A research-based mass media safety campaign targeting specific behaviors
  3. An "onslaught" of bicycling education classes, workshops, rides, volunteer experiences, etc.
  4. Lights handouts for ill-equipped bicyclists
There are volunteer and internship opportunities associated with this project; we also request financial support to help YB! develop organizational capacity as we implement the campaign. Please contribute in any way you can! And please give BIG props to all the people at ODOT, ODPS, OSU Transportation & Parking, and MORPC who worked so hard to make this campaign possible -- there are many unsung heroes out there who care about us cyclists!

Yay Bikes! is now offering up to 5 internship positions to OSU students beginning June 14. We  will hire one media intern, one data intern, and up to three outreach/PR interns to support our safety campaign this fall. These will be unpaid (sorry, guys!) internships, but they will be far richer experiences than most organizations offer. If you or someone you know might be interested, learn more by accessingFutureLink or contacting Meredith

YB! is partnering with Franklinton Cycleworks to offer a series of four 1.5-hour bicycle safety and maintenance courses this summer:  
  1. Bike laws & riding tips (classroom)
  2. Traffic skills (on-road)
  3. Basic bicycle maintenance (workshop) 
  4. Road-side repair (workshop)
Classes are free for low-income residents of Franklinton and the Hilltop, with free safety accessories to all who complete the four classes; otherwise they are $15 per class or $40 for the series, with 25% off safety accessories. The first classes will be offered June 18 (9-10:30 a.m. classroom, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on-road) and June 25 (9-10:30 a.m. maintenance workshop, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. repair workshop). If you or someone you know are interested in these courses, contact Meredith for registration info!

>>>> V O L U N T E E R   O P P S <<<<
On June 2 from 7-9 a.m. and 3-5 p.m. we'll be conducting observations of cyclists' behavior on OSU campus, which will be used to help us discern which risky behaviors to target during our safety campaign.  

All volunteers will be required to attend a brief instructional session on Tuesday, May 31 at 4 p.m. or Wednesday, June 1 at 12 p.m. Please RSVP toMeredith with 1) which shifts you can volunteer for and 2) which intro session you will attend. Additional details will follow! 

Yay Bikes! will remain within Summit on 16th UMC, but we're relocating to a different space in the church. Join us at 10 a.m. on June 4 to clean, sand and paint primer in the new office. Pizza will be provided to all volunteers! RSVP to Meredith

Cyclists of all abilities are encouraged to join us June 11 @ 10 a.m, Wolfe Park @ Alum Creek Trail for a 16- or 40-mile ride. Volunteers are needed to loan or captain a tandem and/or provide transportation to Wolfe Park for riders with sensory or mobility disabilities. The ride is free - just bring a lunch and cash for ice cream and pie! Contact Tricia Kovacs for more information or to volunteer.

This ride is being sponsored by Yay Bikes!, theAmerican Council of the Blind (Ohio) & Cycling for All.

>>>> U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S <<<<
Soon after the last trip has been logged on May 31,our six winning Bike to Work Challenge teams will be announced (check current stats and log your tripshere!). Each of these teams will receive an original bike art poster and other goodies at our afterparty onWednesday, June 8 from 6-9p.m. at KOBO. FREE BEER & SWEETS will be available during the celebration; stay afterwards for karaoke!! This event is sponsored by Evolved Body Art  and Pattycake Bakeryand we thank them both heartily for their contribution.
>>>> E G O   S T R O K I N G <<<<
YB! board member Tricia Kovacs helped Gahanna secure a Honorable Mention in the League of American Bicyclists' Bicycle Friendly Communities program. Tricia also submitted the application that led to Columbus' Bronze Award in 2009. We're so proud to be in her company! 

Reporter John Ross profiled our Director, Meredith Joy, in last week's Columbus Alive. 

Bike the Drive Chicago is this weekend! Bike The Drive - Car free Lake Shore Drive

Bike The Drive - Car free Lake Shore Drive from Steven Vance on Vimeo.

[Bike the Drive]

Bicycling Magazine highlights Mt. Lookout ride in Chattanooga, TN.

I rode up to Mt. Lookout last year when we took a roadtrip to Chattanooga, TN. Great ride, see the pics.

Here are some pics from when we drove up the next day.

Tuesday Night Ride Recap 05242011

12 riders
20 Miles (I had 25 and others' mileage varied)
One flat tire
Taqueria El Fogoncito on Morse Rd for two for one tacos

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Real Reason Why Bicycles are the Key to Better Cities [this big city]

By Kasey Klimes – founder of the sustainable urbanism blog Secret Republic and Creative Consultant at MindMixer, a civic engagement platform for cities.
We all know the talking points. The benefits of bicycles have been tirelessly elaborated upon; bicycles improve health, ease congestion, save money, use less space, and provide efficient transportation with zero fuel consumption and zero carbon emissions. All of this is great, and the culmination of a population on two wheels can have a drastic impact on the overall wellbeing of a city.
However, none of these come close to the most meaningful aspect of cycling, a factor that cannot be quantified but has endless value to those fighting to improve their communities.
The most vital element for the future of our cities is that the bicycle is an instrument of experiential understanding.

Bicycles are getting artsy smartsy [via Baltimore Sun]

Pi Mobility PiCycle Sport Touring
Striking electric/manual bike with anti-theft electronics and an arch-shaped aluminum frame swooping from hub to hub, which was originally sketched 20 years ago by Pasadena Art Center alum Marcus Hays. (Pi Mobility)

Creative bicycles, long a favorite subject of student industrial design contests, are busting out of art college and onto the streets. This year, there's been an explosion of creative frame designs across the cycling spectrum — road, mountain, electric, commuter — that are nothing short of sculpture on wheels. And unlike a lot of artsy inventions that are good only for mounting on a wall, these two-wheeled wonders not only work but also offer some innovative functional capabilities not seen on bikes with the century-old diamond-shaped frame.

[Baltimore Sun]

LA: 7th St. Bike Lane Campaign Promo [VIDEO]

Cycle Oregon: The Best Bike Ride in America

The best way to sum up Cycle Oregon might be through the honorary title riders have bestowed upon it: The Best Bike Ride in America.
That’s because Cycle Oregon delivers the best combination of scenery, challenge, amenities, camaraderie and philanthropy of any ride out there. A fun-loving mix of back-road riding and two-wheeled tent revival, our event moves from town to town with 2,000 or more riders enjoying generous hospitality and providing direct financial benefits to our host towns as well as cycling-related causes throughout Oregon.
And it’s a new route, and a new experience, every year!

2011 Tour of California — Intro [Rapha]

2011 Tour of California — Intro from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Dodridge Street Bridge Replacement Notice

Project to require the closure of Dodridge Street and the Olentangy Trail
beneath the bridge early this summer

Dear Neighbor,
Replacement of the Dodridge Street Bridge, spanning the 
Olentangy River, will require the roadway and the Olentangy

Trail, which passes beneath the bridge, to be closed early this 
summer until September 2012, weather permitting.

The project involves the demolition of the current bridge, built in 
1967, and the construction of a new triple-span, arched, concrete 
girder structure. Architectural enhancements include decorative 
railing and street lighting, and a pier-free river span. 
The Olentangy Trail and embankment retaining wall adjacent to 
the bridge will also be rebuilt. 
Detours routes will be posted for motorists and trail-users (see 
maps). Please watch for electronic message signs that will 
announce the road and trail closure date.

The Franklin County Engineer’s Office will supervise the building 
of this $7.7 million bridge improvement by the J.D. Williamson 
Construction Company. Funding will be provided by the Federal 
Highway Administration, through the County Engineers 
Association of Ohio; Franklin County; and the City of Columbus. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding of our efforts to 
replace the Dodridge Street Bridge. Please travel cautiously 
around our work site for everyone’s safety. 
For additional information, please call Greg Payne at (614) 525-
6035 or visit our website at:

Dean C. Ringle, P.E., P.S.
Franklin County Engineer

The posted detour route for eastbound motorists on Ackerman 
Road/Dodridge Street will follow Olentangy River Road south to

Lane Avenue, east to Neil Avenue, and north to Dodridge Street.
Westbound traffic will follow the detour in the opposite direction.
Learn about COTA bus service changes on the 7 Neil Avenue
and 81 Hudson/Ohio routes by visiting or calling
COTA Customer Service at (614) 228-1776.

SUDS: Sell Ur Dad's Stuff (all things bicycle related swap meet) is June 19th at FCW

Sunday, June 19 · 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Franklinton Cycle Works
897 West Broad St.
Columbus, OH
Created By

More Info
SUDS is an all things bicycle related swap meet. This Father's Day, show your dad you care by clearing out his basement of all the bicycle parts and accessories he hasn't used since 1999 and invite him along to the swap meet as well. Most likely, he'll find a new pair of fenders that he simply must have, and you'll probably find something cool too.

Nothing to sell? Stop down and browse the tables. Good food, fine coffee, and chill music are expected to accompany patrons of this Father's Day event making it not only a good time, but a great gift.

Tables are $10 and space is limited so reserve yours as soon as possible. For more information, call Jonathan of FCW at 614-315-9315 or email him at

Co-sponsored by Columbus Ride Blog and Yay Bikes!