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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Futuristic Electric Bike - The Pedalist @orbitcitybikes @metropreneur


Anonymous said...

Technology in cycling it fantastic and just launched last week is the 1st Driver Alert solution for a cyclist called OTR Technology and we have engineered the solution into a tail light called the Shield TL. The Shield TL is NOT just a tail light. What makes it different from any other product currently available for a cyclist is the patent pending, radar-based solution.

What does OTR Technology do? OTR Technology enhances the radar signal received by a car with radar to increase the riders visibility to the car. The technology allows the vehicle more easily "see" and accurately pinpoint the rider's location as well as track their position on the road. This gives the driver and car more time to react and/or stop the car to avoid a potential collision.

The Shield TL makes it easier for any car with radar to more easily and accurately see a rider. Radar has been installed in vehicles since 2013. Over 80% of unique car models sold in the U.S. this year include radar and the word from Toyota last week is 95% of their 2018 models will include radar. These models will be on showrooms floors in September of next year which means our technology becomes even more relevant in less than 12-months.

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