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Sunday, January 29, 2017

SRAM Eagle™ | German Engineered @SRAMmtb

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rachel Gitajn – Bicycle Engineer at All-City Cycles

Snow Bike Festival Gstaad 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

An Open Letter: Together We Can Defend Our Public Lands @OIA

Outdoor industry CEOs joined OIA Executive Director Amy Roberts in signing this open letter urging President-elect Trump and Congress to keep public lands public. Read on to add your voice and amplify the message.
To our elected officials and those who value America’s great outdoors:
This open letter expresses the view of more than 100 leaders of large and small businesses in the outdoor industry, which contributes more than $650 billion annually to the U.S. economy, generates $80 billion in tax revenue and employs more than 6 million people. Together, we represent a huge range of activities—from hiking to hunting and camping to conservation.
Our businesses make the lives of everyday Americans, from every corner of the political spectrum, healthier and happier. We do not often unite as an industry in the way we are today but we are compelled to make clear our collective view on a vitally important issue that affects the economic health of our industry, our local communities, and the lives of all Americans.
It is an American right to roam in our public lands. The people of the United States, today and tomorrow, share equally in the ownership of these majestic places. This powerful idea transcends party lines and sets our country apart from the rest of the world. That is why we strongly oppose any proposal, current or future, that devalues or compromises the integrity of our national public lands. 
Yet as the 115th Congress begins, efforts are underway that threaten to undermine over one hundred years of public investment, stewardship and enjoyment of our national public lands. Stated simply, these efforts would be bad for the American people. They include the potential of national public lands being privatized or given to states who might sell them to the highest bidder. This would unravel courageous efforts by leaders from across the political spectrum up to the present day, including Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt.
This is not a red or blue issue. It is an issue that affects our shared freedoms. Public lands should remain in public hands.
We hold these views both as leaders of the outdoor industry — which creates significant economic value for this country — and as individuals who believe deeply that the next generation should be free to benefit from our national public lands as we and our families do today.
The undersigned companies are therefore working together to ensure that all Americans maintain their right to our iconic national public lands and that it is not taken away.

Outdoor Industry Association, Amy Roberts, Executive Director
Appalachian Outfitters, Mike & Karen Leffler, Owners
Ascent Solar Technologies, Victor Lee, President & CEO
Backbone Media, Penn Newhard, Founder & Managing Partner
Backcountry, Jonathan Nielsen, CEO
Backcountry North, Tracy Mayer, Owner
Backwoods Retail, Inc., Jennifer Mull, Owner & CEO
Benchmade Knife Company, David Fee, Vice President
BioLite, Jonathan Cedar, Founder & CEO
Black Creek Outfitters, Joe & Liz Butler, Owners
Black Diamond Equipment Ltd., John Walbrecht, President
Brooks Running Company, Jim Weber, CEO
Cascade Designs, David Burroughs, President
Chaco, Seth Cobb, President
Champaign Surplus, Dan & Shira Epstein, Owners
Clif Bar & Company, Kevin Cleary, CEO
Columbia Sportswear Company, Tim Boyle, President & CEO
Combat Flip Flops, Matthew Griffin, CEO
Confluence Watersports, Sue Rechner, President & CEO
Dakine, Ken Meidell, CEO
Darn Tough Vermont, Ric Cabot, President & CEO
Denali, Chris Howe, Owner
Diamond Brand Outdoors, Will Gay, Owner
Eagle Creek, Roger Spatz, President
Eastside Sports, Chris Iversen & Todd Vogel, Co-Owners
Exxel Outdoors, LLC, Harry Kazazian, CEO
Far Bank Enterprises, Travis Campbell, President & CEO
First Lite, Kenton Carruth, Co-Founder and Owner
Fishpond, John Land Le Coq, Founder & CEO
Flowfold, James Morin, Owner & COO
Goal Zero, William Harmon, General Manager
Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, Rich Hill, President
Great Outdoor Provision Co., Travis Zarins, Owner
HipCamp, Alyssa Ravasio, Founder & CEO
Hydro Flask, Scott Allen, General Manager
Ibex Outdoor Clothing, Ted Manning, CEO
Idaho Mountain Touring, Chris & Jill Haunold, Owners
JanSport, Steve Munn, President
Kammok, Haley Robison, CEO
Keen, Casey Sheahan, CEO
Kuhl, Kevin Boyle, President
L.L. Bean, Stephen Smith, President & CEO
La Sportiva N.A., Inc., Jonathan Lantz, President
Light Speed Outdoors, Brian Cox, CEO
Lucy, Laurie Etheridge, President
Massey’s Outfitters, Mike Massey, President
Mountain Hardwear, Dennis Randall, CMO
Mountain Khakis, Ross Saldarini, President
Mountain Safety Research (MSR), Chris Parkhurst, Vice President
Mountain Works, Inc., Jim Smith, President
My Outdoor Alphabet, Seth Neilson, CEO
Nemo, Cam Brensinger, CEO
New Balance, Rob DeMartini, President & CEO
Nikwax North America, Rick Meade, President
Oru Kayak, Roberto Gutierrez, Founder & CCO
Orvis, Perk Perkins, CEO
Osprey, Layne Rigney, President
Outdoor Research, Dan Nordstrom, CEO
Outside Brands / Outside Hilton Head, Mike Overton, CEO
Pack & Paddle, John Williams, President
Pack Rat Outdoor Center, Scott & Carolyn Crook, Founders & Owners
Packtowl, Doug Jacot, Vice President
Patagonia, Rose Marcario, President & CEO
Peak Design, Peter Dering, Founder & CEO
Petzl America, Nazz Kurth, President
Piragis Northwoods Company, Steve Piragis, Owner
Platypus, Doug Jacot, Vice President
Point6, Peter Duke, CEO
prAna Living, Scott Kerslake, CEO
Ramsey Outdoor, Stuart and Michael Levine, Owners
Redington, Travis Campbell, President & CEO
REI Co-op, Jerry Stritzke, President & CEO
Rio, Travis Campbell, President & CEO
River Sports Outfitters, Ed McAlister, Owner
Roads Rivers and Trails, Emily White, Co-Founder & Owner
Rock Creek Outfitters, Dawson Wheeler, Founder
Ruffwear, Patrick Kruse, R&D Director & Founder
Rutabaga Paddlesports, Darren Bush, Owner & CEO
Sage, Travis Campbell, President & CEO
SealLine, Doug Jacot, Vice President
Simms, K.C. Walsh, President & CEO
Skinny Skis, Phil Leeds & Scott O’Brien, Owners
Soar Communications, Chip Smith, President
Sorel, Mark Nenow, President
Stanley PMI, Kelly Kraus, Vice President, Stanley Brand
Summit Hut, Dana Davis, President & Co-Owner
Sunlight Sports, Wes Allen, Owner
Superfeet Worldwide, John Rauvola, CEO
Tahoe Mountain Sports, Dave Polivy, Co-Owner
Tenkara USA, Daniel Galhardo, Founder & CEO
The Base Camp, Scott Brown, Owner
The Mountaineer, Vinny McClelland, President
The North Face, Scott Baxter, Group President
The Trail Head, Todd Frank, Owner
The Toggery, Trek Stephens, President
Therm-a-Rest Brands, Doug Jacot, Vice President
Timberland, Jim Pisani, President
Toad&Co, Gordon Seabury, CEO (& OIA board chair)
Trail Creek Outfitters, Ed Camelli & Brian Havertine, Owners
Travel Country, Mike Plante, Owner
Ute Mountaineer, Bob Wade & Maile Spung, Owners
Vans, Doug Palladini, President
VF Corporation, Steve Rendle, President & CEO
Weighmyrack, Allison Dennis, Founder & CEO
Western Spirit Cycling, Ashley Korenblat, CEO
Woolrich, Inc., Nick Brayton, President
Zumiez, Inc., Tom Campion, Founder & Chairman

[Outdoor Industry Association]

Diamondback Andean @diamondbackbike

Encouraged by the success of our first foray into the tri world, we’ve created Andean. We gave our design team a clean slate, encouraging them to forget the rules and approach triathlon bike design with fresh eyes. We expanded our partnership with Kevin Quan Studios, adding Dr. Phillippe Lavoie and his grad students at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) to the mix. Using their half-scale wind tunnel and unbiased input, we’ve made what the numbers indicate to be the fastest triathlon bike on the planet. 

Addressing the unique problems presented by triathlon, Andean is poised to break some records.

Tradition yields traditional results. We wanted more. To see the full Andean story, visit

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Recap. Lots of gravel adventures @raymondmgeorge #gravelgrinder #letsride

Climbing the Blue Ridge Parkway in October 2016

In 2016 I focused more on adventures than mileage and will continue to do so in 2017. I think I rode more gravel (48 rides) this year than ever before. I rode in Colorado and Michigan for the first time and I rode gravel in the Wilson Creek area of NC five times. It was a great year on the bike with friends. 

Click the photo link for photos and details.
Join the Ohio Gravel Grinders group on Facebook

January ----------------------

New Years High Tea & Social Gravel Grinder (NC) - [Photos
Mt Nebo Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
HATTARICK 2016 [Photos] - 15th year
Mount Liberty Cold Grinder [Photos
Amish Chariot Races Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
Scioto Trails Big Thaw Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
February ----------------------
Candyland Gravel Grinder: Kicked in the Gumdrops (OH) - [Photos

Maple Sally Icy Valentine Brrrrrrr Grinder (NC) - [Photos
Egypt Valley Exploration 02202016 (OH) - [Photos
March ----------------------
Yay Bikes! Year of Yay 16.3 (OH) - [Photos
Danville Mohican Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos

Flint Ridge Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
April ----------------------
Chutes & Ladders: An Up & Down Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos

Tri-Valley Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
7 Caves Dirty Road Ride 2016 (OH) - [Photos]
AW Marion Bike Camping (OH) - [Photos]
Maple Sally Gravel Grinder (NC) - [Photos
May ----------------------
Somerset Adventure Ride (OH) - [Photos]

Chutes & Ladders Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
Ride the Elevator 2016 (OH) - [Photos]

Ride of Silence 2016 (OH) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 1 (WV) - [Photos]

WV Bike camping 2016 Day 2 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 3 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 4 (WV) - [Photos]

WV Bike camping 2016 Day 5 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 6 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping RECAP
June ----------------------
Ride to Schnormeier Gardens (OH) - [Photos]
AEP Lands Gravel Explorer (OH) - [Photos]

Scioto Trails Graveling (OH) - [Photos]
July ----------------------
Mt. Nebo Gravel Rambling (OH) - [Photos]
2016 Rocky Mountain National Park Grinder - Searching for Oxygen Ride (CO) - [Photos]

Boulder to Nederland & Beyond Gravel Grinder (CO) - [Photos]
August ----------------------
In the Shade Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]

Yay Bikes! Year of Yay 16.8 (OH) - [Photos]
Lake Hope Gravel Ramblings (OH) - [Photos]
Bladensburg Hot Gravel (OH) - [Photos]
Bike the Cbus VIP ride (OH) - [Photos]
September ----------------------
Adventures in Events: Yay Bikes! Bike the Cbus 2016 (OH) - [Photos]
Ride a Bike, Ride a Train Adventure (OH) - [Photos]

MI Trail: Betsie Valley Rail Trail (MI) - [Photos]
Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail and Beyond (MI) - [Photos]
Lexington Gravel Extended (OH) - [Photos]
October ----------------------
Dresden Gravel Ramble (OH) - [Photos]

Roundhouse Kick to the Conkles Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
Chutes & Ladders: A Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
Maple Sally Loop (NC) - [Photos
Blue Ridge Parkway Loop (NC) - [Photos
Lake Hope Loop Gravel (OH) - [Photos]
November ----------------------
Flint Ridge Gravel Grind (OH) - [Photos]
AEP Lands Triple Epic (OH) - [Photos]
Wayne NF Gravel Explorer (OH) - [Photos]
2016 Columbus Tweed Ride (OH) - [Photos]
Black Friday Mohican Gravel Rambler (OH) - [Photos]
December ----------------------
St. Louisville Shark Rock Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]

2016 Wheeling WV Day Ride - Oglebay Christmas Lights Ride (WV) - [Photos]
Blue Ridge Parkway Misty Loop (NC) - [Photos]
NYE Mohican Gravel Rambler (OH) - [Photos]

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Australian Gravel Cycling - The Last Ride of 2016 @gravelcyclist