2016 Recap. Lots of gravel adventures @raymondmgeorge #gravelgrinder #letsride

Climbing the Blue Ridge Parkway in October 2016

In 2016 I focused more on adventures than mileage and will continue to do so in 2017. I think I rode more gravel (48 rides) this year than ever before. I rode in Colorado and Michigan for the first time and I rode gravel in the Wilson Creek area of NC five times. It was a great year on the bike with friends. 

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January ----------------------

New Years High Tea & Social Gravel Grinder (NC) - [Photos
Mt Nebo Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
HATTARICK 2016 [Photos] - 15th year
Mount Liberty Cold Grinder [Photos
Amish Chariot Races Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
Scioto Trails Big Thaw Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
February ----------------------
Candyland Gravel Grinder: Kicked in the Gumdrops (OH) - [Photos

Maple Sally Icy Valentine Brrrrrrr Grinder (NC) - [Photos
Egypt Valley Exploration 02202016 (OH) - [Photos
March ----------------------
Yay Bikes! Year of Yay 16.3 (OH) - [Photos
Danville Mohican Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos

Flint Ridge Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos
April ----------------------
Chutes & Ladders: An Up & Down Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos

Tri-Valley Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
7 Caves Dirty Road Ride 2016 (OH) - [Photos]
AW Marion Bike Camping (OH) - [Photos]
Maple Sally Gravel Grinder (NC) - [Photos
May ----------------------
Somerset Adventure Ride (OH) - [Photos]

Chutes & Ladders Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
Ride the Elevator 2016 (OH) - [Photos]

Ride of Silence 2016 (OH) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 1 (WV) - [Photos]

WV Bike camping 2016 Day 2 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 3 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 4 (WV) - [Photos]

WV Bike camping 2016 Day 5 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping 2016 Day 6 (WV) - [Photos]
WV Bike camping RECAP
June ----------------------
Ride to Schnormeier Gardens (OH) - [Photos]
AEP Lands Gravel Explorer (OH) - [Photos]

Scioto Trails Graveling (OH) - [Photos]
July ----------------------
Mt. Nebo Gravel Rambling (OH) - [Photos]
2016 Rocky Mountain National Park Grinder - Searching for Oxygen Ride (CO) - [Photos]

Boulder to Nederland & Beyond Gravel Grinder (CO) - [Photos]
August ----------------------
In the Shade Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]

Yay Bikes! Year of Yay 16.8 (OH) - [Photos]
Lake Hope Gravel Ramblings (OH) - [Photos]
Bladensburg Hot Gravel (OH) - [Photos]
Bike the Cbus VIP ride (OH) - [Photos]
September ----------------------
Adventures in Events: Yay Bikes! Bike the Cbus 2016 (OH) - [Photos]
Ride a Bike, Ride a Train Adventure (OH) - [Photos]

MI Trail: Betsie Valley Rail Trail (MI) - [Photos]
Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail and Beyond (MI) - [Photos]
Lexington Gravel Extended (OH) - [Photos]
October ----------------------
Dresden Gravel Ramble (OH) - [Photos]

Roundhouse Kick to the Conkles Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
Chutes & Ladders: A Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]
Maple Sally Loop (NC) - [Photos
Blue Ridge Parkway Loop (NC) - [Photos
Lake Hope Loop Gravel (OH) - [Photos]
November ----------------------
Flint Ridge Gravel Grind (OH) - [Photos]
AEP Lands Triple Epic (OH) - [Photos]
Wayne NF Gravel Explorer (OH) - [Photos]
2016 Columbus Tweed Ride (OH) - [Photos]
Black Friday Mohican Gravel Rambler (OH) - [Photos]
December ----------------------
St. Louisville Shark Rock Gravel Grinder (OH) - [Photos]

2016 Wheeling WV Day Ride - Oglebay Christmas Lights Ride (WV) - [Photos]
Blue Ridge Parkway Misty Loop (NC) - [Photos]
NYE Mohican Gravel Rambler (OH) - [Photos]

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