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Homeport's LVL With Us Podcast - Inclusive Transportation Pt 2

Inclusive Transportation Pt 2 In part two of our conversation, we welcome back Catherine Girves and Tobi Otulana of Toole Design Group, as well as Leah Evans, Homeport president and CEO. Together, we explore how we can use the data we gather to inform a more collaborative response that crosses jurisdictional lines and answers our growing community’s present and future needs.

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Homeport’s LVL With Us podcast Bonus 'sode 6: Density vs. Transit

We’re back with the team from Toole Design, Catherine Girves and Tobi Otulana, who we heard from in our last episode on inclusive transportation, and Leah Evans, Homeport president and CEO. For this bonus ‘sode we’re discussing how we can support adding density with robust transportation options, including mass transit like light rail and bus rapid transit (BRT). We talk about tackling our public right of way policies and how we can adjust them to make room for modes like biking and walking. Can we add density without having transportation options already built in for the individuals and families who inevitably need to move from one place to another? Would things like BRT and light rail be viable without first establishing density?  Bonus 'sode 6: Density vs. Transit  

Homeport’s LVL With Us Podcast discusses Inclusive Transportation Pt 1

Inclusive Transportation Pt 1

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City of Columbus Bike Plus Draft Vision Network Ready for Public Feedback

  Residents have an opportunity through June to share their comments on an interactive map of the draft vision network   developed by the City of Columbus Bike Plus planning initiative. The Bike Plus Plan, led by the Department of Public Service, will improve and expand connections that support safe and comfortable travel in the city by biking, scooting and rolling. The draft vision network outlines proposed route improvements for safe and equitable city bikeway infrastructure that includes separated bikeways such as shared-use paths and protected on-street lanes, bike lanes or buffered lanes, bike boulevards and trails. A glossary that defines these types of bikeway infrastructure is available on the Bike Plus website  here . “We are eager to hear from the public on the Bike Plus draft vision network—shaped largely by earlier community engagement—to help the city advance a bikeways plan that connects neighborhoods and increases safe access to work, school, entertainment and other amen


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Homeport's LVL With Us Bonus 'sode covers "Gently Density"

Bonus 'sode 5: The Case for Gentle Density