Wheeling WV Bike A Thon Challenge - July 21

To all Nail City Bike riders, or any other riders in the Tri State area.....Taylor McCluskey, Doug Pettit and I [Marty Morrison] are on the Young Life committee, and we spoke to a number of the 'hard core' cyclists who went to the mountains in April about the YOUNG LIFE bike a thon to be held Saturday morning July 21 at the Warwood [Wheeling, Wva] park and shelter adjacent to the bike trail. The distances are 20 miles [on the bike trail, flat] 40 miles [up the bike trail to Short Creek, up to Mcgraws run down to 40, east on 40 to Atkinson crossing rd, and Atkinson crossing back down to Short Creek road and reverse the bike trail home. The 80 miler runs out the same start as the 40 mile, but on rt. 40 continues east on rt 40 to the OLD RT 40 that cuts up to West Alexander, following that back to 40 just below Claysville Pa., stay on 40 to Rt. 231 north out of Claysville 10 miles to Old Washington Pike [P.A. 644] left about 3 miles to Highland Springs G.C, left on 88 to Bethany, left on RT 67 thru Bethany, and about 4 miles out on Buffalo Creek, go up right on CR 2003?, a 1 mile climb and another 5 miles of rollers out to the top of the Atkinson Crossing road, and then return on the Short Creek, bike trail route you came out on. On the 80, we will have an optional bail out at Bethany back down to Wellsburg on Rt. 67 back down to rt. 2 and then Rt. 2 and the bike trail home. The bail out 70 miler is for the weak legged flatlanders or other sissies that can't handle the monster climb and the rollers starting at about the 62 mile mark that goes from Buffalo Creek back up to Atkinson crossing road. Taylor said something about having that bail out at Bethany so that the Old Farts of the Ohio Valley Nailers [of which he is the oldest fart], but other key names [ Lambie, Butler, Kramer, Hudimac, Blatt, just to name a few] would be able to complete the ride. While he thought he could finish it, if he were riding, he had serious concerns about the others. Anyway, a challenge has been issued among the 80 milers to see who is the best of the best, and, given the awesome performance of the Sheriff in the mountains, he would seem to be the one to beat, if we can land him, but I have not heard from his agent. I suspect he will hold out for all expenses, a new Trek and a 10k appearance fee. Further, a challenge has been issued. If the Nailers can put together a team that can put a rider back to the shelter in 4 hours or less in true Tour De France style, Taylor and Marty will take the TEAM out to dinner at Hoss's. I would and could kick Blatts X%^* if I were to ride it, but everyone else on the planet will have to do that, as someone's gotta run sag and do other organizational things. But it is our attempt to bring a quality tour to the Ohio Valley, and at the same time use this as a major fund raiser for Young Life of the Ohio Valley. After the ride, there will be a full fledged barbeque dinner at the shelter, and a cool off in the pool at the end of the day. There are sponsorship levels that qualify to win a Trek Pilot that start at $200. [The biggest fund raiser wins the Pilot] or just the ride is $50, which includes the ride, support, dinner and a swim. We would really appreciate your support! Marty@firefix.com or 740-391-1902, or show up at the shelter at 10 am. on July 21st.