Lancaster Ride Report

I asked and I received. I sent out an email to ask if anyone was riding on Saturday, and Barb answered by leading the ride from Canal Winchester to Lancaster. It was 46 when I first woke up, and it dropped two degrees before I headed out the door. By the time we started at 8:30AM it was 48 degrees. Four riders, including me braved the cold.

We wound our way toward the southeast by winding our way through the backroads. We passed through Amanda. They were having their annual town fair which blocked Main Street. We stopped at a gas station for a snack.

The highlight of the ride south was Revenge Road, which has a mile long climb (max 13%) that passed a prison at the peak. We turned down Blue Valley which headed down off the hill toward 33. We crossed 33 into Sugar Grove and were passed by several fire trucks (more on that later).

We followed Sugar Road all the way into Lancaster. We were at 43 miles and had only stopped once in Amanda.

Lunch stop was at the Four Reasons Deli and Restaurant. Sandwiches, coffee and ice cream are on the menu. The cool thing was instead of a number they gave you a plastic vegetable so they knew who to bring the food out to. I had a turkey reuben and it was great.

When we left the restaurant we turned down the alley next to the restaurant and turned onto the street and lo and behold we ran smack into the fire trucks that had passed us. Unfortunately someone's house had caught fire on the second floor.

I believe we headed out old 33 toward Canal Winchester. Election House Rd NW to Havensport to Plum and past the Carroll Bloom HS where we parked for the Millersport Corn Ride. We crossed 33 and followed Winchester Road back toward Canal Winchester. We wound through several streets back into town and back to where we started.

62 miles total. Sunny skies and ending temperature was 64 degrees.