Millersport Corn Festival Ride Report

Saturday September 1

My friend Kevin came over from Pittsburgh to ride. The route was announced as 50 miles but it ended up being 45. We started at the Bloom Carroll High School in Carroll Ohio and headed east on Carroll Eastern Road. We then turned north and stair stepped through the cornfields. After we emerged from the fields Buckeye Lake appeared on the horizon. We rode the southern shore past houses and a park and ended up at the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival ( As we were pulling up to the festival the bell started to ring announcing that the corn was ready. They do it right at Millersport. They have an automatic husking machine that spits out gobs of corn. After a few pieces of corn and a sandwich we headed back to the high school back through the cornfields. Beautiful weather. Great people. Good food.

It always amazes me the people you meet on a ride. Kevin kept up with a faster group and when I caught up to him I was introduced to Andrew. Kevin started chatting with him and found out he is from Pittsburgh (of all places). Small world indeed.