Ride Report September 17

We headed northeast of campus and rode around until we ended up in some small park that had a little pond with a wooden bridge over it. (Still trying to figure out what park it is) Duncan rammed into a concrete parking block, but he and bike were OK. I left a roaming gnome at the park on one of the barier poles. We rode south and did a loop up to Walhalla. I waited for the stragglers and we lost the group. A few of us crossed above Valhalla while the main group was heading down it. We totally lost the group when we got back out to High Street. So we rode down High Street. Mike peeled off near Italian Village and we continued to the High Beck. We beat the group to the bar. No trouble finding a seat and no lines for the pizza. They had lost a lot of people by the time they arrived at 12:45. Matt had a birthday cake waiting for him so we all had cake. I guess the group rode to the southwest side of town near COSI and the cops pulled them over because they were concerned for their safety in that neighborhood.