Takes Two to Tandem Ride Report

This ride was a benefit for the ACB-Ohio first Annual Building Blocks for a Brighter Future. It centered around the Kokosing Gap Trail.

We rode the trail for about 5 miles to Gambier before we headed south on a variety of roads including Big Run, Beckholt and Grove Church. In Martinsburg we headed east on Divan which was had a few climbs and rollers. We turned north on 32 and stayed on it until it crossed 62. We rode Millwood into Howard for lunch at the trail. We had sandwiches, chips, cookies and drinks. Ice cream was part of the deal, but no one was interested. It may have been the temperature.

We then headed back to the starting point, Phillips Park, by way of the trail. It is paved, clear of debris, but had a lot of traffic. It crosses the river, passes through corn fields and ends/starts right at the parking facility in Mt. Vernon.

Since this was the first year there are some aspects of the ride that Mary can improve on in year two. I think the matching of riders for the tandems should be better planned. There were riders who were novices heading out on the 30 mile route, which actually was 40 miles with hill climbs, and conversely, advanced riders disappointed in the pace set by the captain of the tandem. The route needs to be marked on the pavement. We had no problems because I have GPS, but one tandem I talked to did get lost.

I think the route was great, a good mix of flat and terrain. The weather was a little cold to start, but turned warmer as the ride progressed. We ended up with 40 miles. I hope that Mary can organize this ride again next year with even better turnout.