October 29 Ride Report

We rode around for a while. Just kidding. We rode around for a while. Not kidding. We ended up in northeast Columbus. Casey had at least three flats from glass shards and a wire. We had a bumblebee, skeletons, and a lizard or mini godzilla. Total of 17 miles. When we started it was 50 degrees. When we stopped in the burbs it dropped to 39 degrees.


  1. definitely cold by the end of that one! Anyway, i frequent the MNRs, and love the blogosphere. sounds like we gotta shake each other's hands. i will probably be at the 5 nov MNR as well. I'm blonde (and in one of your pictures on this post). let's say 'hi!'

  2. Jim,

    I have asked around on the rides trying to find you. I ride the orange Lemond with the bright lights and I am usually the only rider with full cycling clothes.



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