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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Most expensive bicycle lights I have ever seen, also the coolest and brightest.


A comment was left about the comparison of the B&M lights and the L&M arcs. Unfortunately I cannot afford the B&M lights to compare to the Arcs. I purchased the Arcs at my local LBS after careful consideration of the competition. I have not found a brighter light on the market. 675/550 lumens for 3 hours. They are very bright. If you live in Columbus and want to see the lights in action please come out to the Tuesday Night Ride at 7PM at Goodale Park. I routinely have oncoming cars slow down because they can't figure out what I am. I also freak out other riders because they think that a car is overtaking them. A good site to view light comparisons is Eddy's Bike Shop.


Busch & Müller Sportsline - Made in Germany

Big Bang - $975

As bright as a car headlamp
For cross-country tracks and road traffic
The very first gas discharge headlamp that also meets the requirements of German StVZO
luminosity more than 140 lux
Special CAD reflector
Up to 5 hours lighting via a Lithium Ion accumulator included in the scope of supply
With electronically controlled charging and protection against total discharge
Integral LED capacity indicator
Rotatable and detachable headlamp
Completely water proof
Assembly on and under the handlebars

Available for purchase at Peter White

Does anyone know lux to lumen conversion. I tried to figure out how my lights compare to the Big Bang. I have the Light and Motion Arc NiMH. I routinely ride night rides. I have been on rides in rural and urban areas where oncoming traffic have slowed and pulled over because they could not decide what I was.

Light and Motion Arc description
Two output levels provide multiple burn times. Start up the ARC by double clicking the new more positive power button on the rear of the light. The light comes on in the full power mode; putting out a jaw dropping 675 lumens of clean, daylight balanced light and giving you 3 hours of run time. Press the button again for low power and the slow flashing LED confirms the low setting for 3.5 hours of a still incredible 550 lumens of even light output.


Anonymous said...

Have you managed to compare these two lights? I'm in the market for a new light, and was tempted by the L&M Arc, but perhaps the beam of the Big Bang is better for the road, although maybe it doesn't have sufficient penetration for fast road riding.

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