OSU Football and Cycling. Do they mix?

They do during home games. You can ride your bike to the game and park your bike for FREE in a secure area. It is on Woodruff Ave and bike path. Within stumbling distance of the stadium! I rode down to the OSU-Illinois game to check out the bike valet situation. I spoke with a woman who was working. She gave me the lowdown. It opens 4 hours before the game and closes one hour after. They are looking for volunteers. I originally was going to head down to help, but I couldn't get moving early enough.

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The Ohio State Police had an interesting mobile tactical unit parked near the stadium. I stopped to take a picture and chatted with a guy who approached the vehicle without be tasered or water cannoned. He said they told him it weighs 33000 pounds (great gas mileage) and it is used to gain access to second and third floors of building during raids. Why it was parked there, I have no idea.