Scavenger Hunt Follow-up

The scavenger hunt was pretty well organized. There were appox 36 people broken into 6 groups. I hooked up with John, Isaac Andre, Amber and Ellie. We were Team Yoshi. We had half a lizard/dinosaur (hence Yoshi), an old man (not me), St. Pauli Girl, and a dorky cyclist (me).

We started out great. Then it went downhill. Down Walhalla. First piece of the skeleton was found under the bridge. Then it really went downhill. To campus. And then it fell apart. We split up to go back and find piece number 2, while the other three members of the group went for three and four. Good plan? Sure, on paper. But when the other teams or members of the public remove the pieces you are searching for it becomes frustrating.

Here are the clues. Maybe you can figure it out.

Ride 1/2 way down the viking heaven. Under the bridge. Holla!
Enter the Gates of Hell. Spill some blood in the bowl.
Be a Ninja Turtle under 5th Street. Start at the Tangy.
Go down the steps into the darkness. North of Arcadia.
Shit your pants at the green lawn. Go to the end and find the tallest building.
Follow the path to the building with the changing color on top. Don't get killed. The train won't stop.
Gp dpwn mound. Don't get stabed (sic) Grab a bone. Throw up a tag.
Go to the castle made of wood next to the tracks and 20th.
Pinch a loaf at wonder bread.
Go to the dungen (sic) of 244 king

Piece two was supposed to be behind the Tim Horton's location near Arcadia.

We ran into another group leaving with their bone. John and Isaac crawled down the hill and went into the waste water pipe to find the bones. After ten minutes a group of people emerged and yelled out that they had found the bones. I was standing at the top of the hill and thought that it was another scavenger hunt group. Turns out that they were just hanging out and may have stolen the bones. They climbed out of the valley away from where I was standing and walked down the street. They got into their car at the Tim Horton's and left. I didn't think anything was wrong until John and Isaac climbed up empty handed.

We called the other group and they were unsuccessful in finding three and four. They even opened up the clues to make sure they were looking in the correct place. It sucks to fail at finding the bones, but it is even worse when you have others ruining your chances. So we called it a night and headed back to Isaac's to drown our sorrow.

The gnome showed up to partake in the cerveza.