Bikin Bob Winter Century Series Ride Wrapup

One word. COLD.

I decided to ride the 48 mile route. The ride was supposed to start at at 8AM. At 7:30AM it was 24 degrees outside. We held off going outside until 8:45AM. It was still under 30 degrees. We got to the start around 9:10AM and Bob and a few brave souls had already left. We got started around 9:30AM. There was a headwind. And it was COLD. My face and fingers were frozen solid.

We kept moving and started to warm up. I think the whole "sit on the couch and eat in preparation for hibernation" is detrimental to physical conditioning. We rode east, then south and ended up in Lancaster. We rode threw the northwest corner and proceeded to head south east.

After we left town we headed out Duffy. We rode several miles and I had a catastrophic shotgun sounding blowout that blew the rear tire off the rim.

After two failed attempts to pump up the tire withe Co2 and the pump, I succeeded with the third and final CO2.

So after standing around for 20 minutes freezing while trying to repair the tire we decided to head back the same route.

It was uneventful. Although we rode much faster on the way back, or at least it felt like it. Final temp when we got back to the start was 39 degrees. We rode 28 miles and climbed 2500 feet.