December 10 Ride Report

It was a balmy 41 degrees at the start and the weather cooperated for the entire ride. We had the largest group in recent memory, 10 riders at the start. Since none of the usual suspects were present to lead, someone had a route planned and we headed out.

North up High Street and then we turned onto a side street and then left onto Indianola.

I was kind of hanging out at the back, when I noticed Alex was falling behind quickly. I yelled to him to see how he was doing and I kind of heard a mumble, mostly because my headband muffles most noises. As we headed north on Indianola I kept looking back, but I did not see him. We were moving pretty quick at that point.

From there we headed northeast. I will need to look at the GPS to verify roads, although my batteries crapped out so it may be incomplete. I know we were heading south on Cleveland at one point. We ended up in Bexley where we looped through the neighborhoods. From Bexley we headed west on Livingston then turned south.

There were a few people who were straggling or struggling so we stopped to regroup. From there the route headed south, then turned north and east where we finally ended up on South High. As we were heading east it seemed as though it had rained pretty hard right before we passed through.

From there it was a straight shot to the High Beck. I needed to unload my stuff in my car and I walked in the High Beck and sitting at the table was Alex. Alex had taken his own route at his own pace to the bar. This was the first time in a long time that I did not buy beer. Thanks everybody or somebody. Of course the conversation was all over the map. Beer, ping pong, and for some reason bathroom habits were topic for discussion. The result was ping pong challenges, disgust on my part (not really), verbal insults (in jest), fisticuffs (just kidding), and finally mass exodus from the bar (we all decided to go home at same time, or at least some us did). Overall a great time.

Total mileage was a little over 21 miles, which was one of the longer rides. We averaged 14.5mph.

editor's note - Alex emailed over the reason why he was having a problem keeping up with us. I guess his rear tire was slowly divesting itself of air. After he left the bar the tire decided to give up the ghost, while he was in the middle of nowhere at 3AM. And we thought the reason he was dragging was because he is wimpy.

Updated - this from a rider. Route was Indianola-Weber-McGuffy-Hudson-Cleveland-17th-Joyce. The neighborhood we briefly stopped in was American Addition. Joyce-Mt.Vernon-Woodland-Clifton-Nelson-Broad-Parkview-Dale-Fair-Brookside-Main-College-Livingston-Ellesworth-Whittier-Lockbourne-Reeb-Champion-Jenkins-Parsons-Thurman-High.


  1. great time! btw, 5am post- nice.

  2. Dont forget, while we were at that last regrouping, someone(cant remember who) proposed a new cycling religion, pray to the father(Mercx), the son (Coppi) and the holy Cippolini.


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