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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 17 Non Ride Report

Did anybody make it? It was 23 degrees when I looked at the thermometer at 8:50PM. I cry like a little girl below 25 degrees.

Let me know...


James said...

ha! no, i didn't go either. living on entrepreneur time and all, I had a meeting that night :/

anyway, cold was a detractor as well. i'm curious to hear from did it go? did it go at all?

James said...

i'm the super-c0mmentor!

anyway, i'll actually be out of town (chicago?) next week, so i won't be making it.

what's up with new year's? i think i'll be in town.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping some people would show up for the christmas eve MNR. I missed the 12-17 MNR as well, got cought up and lost track of time.

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