December 3 Ride Report

Still COLD outside. Wind was blowing every direction we headed into. I rode up from the bar to the start expecting only two other people to show. There were three. I was joined by Casey on the way up and a few others were at the start.

We were going to ride to Alum Creek State Park as per Casey, but then he realized that we are ignorant of the Columbus area and he revealed it would be a 50 mile ride. Ha! Take that!

So we rode through campus and headed west and then south. I believe we more or less followed Neil Ave. We threaded our way through the roundabouts and continued south. We ended up in the Arena district. We made a pit stop for a chain problem and continued into town.

We crossed over High and ended up on East Gay Street and the Tip Top Bar. If you ride you bike to the Tip Top, or use another form of alternate transportation, beer (I believe it is PBR) is $1.

After a round and some really good sweet potato fries we ventured back into the cold for the final leg of our adventure. It last only a few minutes.

We headed down 3rd Street and ended up at the High Beck. We caught the last few minutes of the almost upset of the Patriots, then the bar cleared out. After downing a few it may seem like a good idea to play ping pong with a beer in one hand and paddle in the other. It doesn't work, as Jim clearly showed.

I think we may have rode 6 miles.


  1. you only need one hand for the paddle. gotta do something constructive with the other, right?



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