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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Battery Free Bike Lights

These are some pretty cool lights.

Reelight Website

Reelight lights are daylight running lights for bicycles. With Reelight, you always have lights on your bike – day and night! The permanently fitted magnet lights flash when the wheels rotate and therefore work without any batteries. Reelight is a safe and solid solution that improves your freedom in traffic.


Jamie said...

I have a pair of Reelights and yes, they do work pretty well. One complaint I have with them is that it takes them a while to get charged up enough to flash throughout an entire iteration of a traffic light. If you have a short commute then they may not always be the light for you.

Anonymous said...

There is a similar battery-free bike light on the market, it is called magtenlight, a 15 Lux front lamp plus rear light, powered by a friction-free, contact-free generator, the generator is not a hub dynamo, but a detachable type of dynamo, driven by a pair of magnetic gear , Check it out at

Bicycle Light said...

These lights are really good. they provide the rider with a clear visibility during the dark conditions acts as an idication for others. Such lights are good because they are a forms of reflectors and or a reusable source of light. i like your blog .

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