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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

1/7/2008 Ride Report

Even though the football team was on TV for the national championship we had a decent turnout. It must have been due to the 60 degree weather we were experiencing. We had about 25 people for the ride.

As we rode through campus our first casualty (not fatal) was Bill, the ride leader, who dumped it on wet concrete. We didn't make it too far until our next pit stop at the Shoe. We had a flat to repair. Several slower riders decided to bail at that point.

We headed west toward Grandview. We rode around the neighborhood before heading east toward the waterfront. We rode on the trail on the south side of the river and ended up at COSI. From there we headed north to East Broad and rode down to Franklin Park for an "official stop." We lost several people on our way down to the park. We were down to about 15 people at that point. A sprint (for some) up East Broad to High and down to the High Beck.

16 miles
60 degree weather in January
Good turnout


James said...

looks good! hope you guys had fun.

Anonymous said...

Didnt think many would show up with the game on, thats good news! And probably better entertainment than the game!

Either way, I think Bourbon St. was probably more fun!

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