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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday Ride Recap

I talked Tricia into riding down to the Winter Riding Seminar put on by Chris Luers from Restoration Bicycle. I rode from my house in Blacklick to Gahanna and met her at the McDonalds parking lot. We rode Agler to Westerville to Weber. Then we headed south on Indianola and turned onto Hudson. Down to High and to campus. The temp was around 28-32 degrees.

The seminar was interesting because it covered practical application of equipment to winter/cold weather riding. Chris had examples of clothing and used our bikes as examples of proper winter weather riding equipment. The seminar was three hours long and I started to get a chill from sitting so long and cooling down from the ride. It always seems colder once you stop for awhile and head back outside. It was still overcast and in the low 30's.

We headed back on a similar route. Total mileage was 31.5 miles.


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