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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What about the train?

I received this via email -

Did you know that the $134 million used to create the 161/I-270 interchange in New Albany could have built and launched rail service from Columbus to Dayton all while creating jobs and revenue for the state?

Pissed? You should be!

As many of you may know, my dear friend Andrew has taken on the valiant charge of lobbying for rail service in the state of Ohio. The road, or track so to speak, to rail service is a long haul marked with several major initiatives to slap Ohio government into the reality that such service is desperately needed.

Andrew has posted an online petition here:

This takes 1 minute to sign and you can even do so anonymously. The petition will be given to the powers that be during their April legislative summit. The crazy guy is trying to get everyone in Ohio to sign it before that date (I figured a few out-of-staters couldn't hurt!).

Your name matters! Please sign and pass along to anyone you think would benefit from the joys of rail travel!


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