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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Worse than a Hummer?

I didn't think that there was a vehicle larger than the Hummer. Well, I was at Sam's Club and I noticed a International Harvester Tank Jr was in the parking lot. So I took pictures. And found the website. It is $90000. And I am sure the towing capability is because you need to pull a refinery behind you to fuel it.


James said...

seriously, wtf? I had no idea that this existed, probably b/c NO ONE NEEDS IT.

What in god's name would you do with that thing? It doesn't even have a crapload of hauling space (which would make sense at Sam's).

And of course this douchebag is parking like one, taking up what appears to be four spaces.

I am proud to be an American, and I mean that. But when I tell people, they get confused and disappointed, b/c they think of stuff like this.

Benjamin Franklin wouldn't be caught dead in one of these gluttonous quadrupeds.

Anonymous said...

What, doesnt everyone have one? It only cost about $150 a week to keep the tank full....

Honestly not a vehicle any kind of average person needs. I give the owner the benifit of the doubt, maybe he uses it for a large trailer of some sort?

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