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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Midnight Ridazz Website from LA

This ride sounds vaguely familiar

The site...

When someone says "Midnight Ridazz!!"
You say "RIDE ON!!"

The Midnight Ridazz is formally described as a group of bicycle enthusiasts who have been riding together on the second Friday of every month since February of 2004. Originally conceived and founded by SKULL and lovingly cared for by MABELL, MUFF and a small group of planners and care takers, the rides quickly grew from the original 8 "Mammas and Papas" to current ride counts of 1300+ Ridazz.

Skeptics may scoff at the irreverence of this alleged "Party on Wheels." But the party atmosphere just might be what has made this simple bicycle ride so popular in a city like Los Angeles where people barely get their mail without hopping in a car. Some attribute the movement to the high assed gas prices, or the frustration of LA traffic. Still others simply write off the Midnight Ridazz as a bunch of bored art school students. It's all of these things and more!

Consider: Riding a bicycle is a sensual alternative to the "boy in the bubble" car voyages that hide everything good that a city has to offer. It is an experience in sights, sounds, thrills, physical activity, and local economy that could never be replicated by a night out at (Sh)City Walk. Midnight Ridazz is about riding bicyles, hanging out, acting silly, being whimsical, speaking up, and having a good heart. Come out and enjoy a relaxed pace bicycle ride at the end of a week of computers, dispatchers, rude customers, corporate politics and all the other crap that comes with living in a world of sad clowns. Banish the clowns! Send in the Ridazz.

Moving forward we're inviting everybody to join in the fun. The Ridazz that be have created this site to help empower YOU to create your own rides, routes and good timezz. Start yourself a recurring ride, have a bar crawl or even throw a one timer in the daylight... It's your ride.

What Midnight Ridazz is:

-Non Confrontational
-Open - Minded

What Midnight Ridazz is NOT:

-Mean Spirited


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