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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2/25/2008 Ride Report

This was submitted by Duncan... I did not make the ride.

4 guys met at wex -- jeremy, ben, duncan, and jim (who just stopped by to say hello) -- spinning off @10:30? -- just as the sleet was starting up -- over to summit, and down to carabar, where webmaster-ray was known to be nursing his tummy... uh, locking incidents ensued and eventually resolved?... ben peels off for home, so j.&d. continue thru downtown for high-beck pizza... trip dist. approx 5.6 miles (wimps!)... half-dozen other nice bikes found tethered to front gates -- vegan foosballers found inside... mucho action also around the pingpong-table, w/strangers happily challenging strangers... a "good time" had by all. Conversation topics ranged from bikes, to romance, to sorrinesses, to next week's 50F. forecast... and then a very sloppy ride home.

thanks to high-beck tavern for their continued hospitality!

ed. note. - the weather may not be as kind to us as early forecast indicated. The temps may drop into 20's and snow is now forecasted.


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