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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2/4/2008 Ride Report

It was moist. and misty. And then I cleaned my glasses off and everything was good. 57 degrees. 15 riders at the start. We headed north through campus and ended up at the bike polo field. We picked up another ten people.

The highlights;
Zach returned to lead the ride (his girlfriend let him out and it was above 55 degrees)
A roundabout can mislead riders into thinking they are safe, until the riders decide to ride in opposite directions at the most inopportune time. Can you say, "Two go in, one comes out."
Jamar (sp) now has jean shorts after his jeans were pulled through the crank and chain at Schiller Park. Thank god he wasn't riding fast at that moment.
I broke another seatpost - second in two weeks. Carbon sucks, aluminum rules.


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