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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday Ride Report (One man paceline ride)

I sent out an email late morning to see if anyone wanted to join me for a ride. I slept in until 10am and I am sure everybody had planned out their day, because I only received one response and that was a negative. Saturday was one of the nicest days to be out on the bike. It was dry, sunny, but windy. So I decided to bring out my road bike. I usually keep it locked up in the basement so that it doesn't hurt anybody. I only rode it a few hundred miles last year. It is quick and twitchy.

I rode out of Blacklick heading west to Gahanna. Havens Corner to 62 to Agler. North Cassady to Agler to Westerville Rd (sucks) to East Weber. Enough of the headwind. Now south on Indianola to Summit. East on East 2nd. Cleveland South to E Long. Now for the fun part. The inverse of a headwind? 20-30 mph tailwind. Woohoo! I hit 29 miles an hour on East Long and ran out of gears. I was just spinning crazy.

I headed northeast on North Nelson until dead end at Airport Rd. I saw a trail to the right of me as I passed under 670. I think it ended at Airport Rd near the hotels. I rode Airport until I had to turn on Cassady. There is a bikes/pedestrians prohibited sign at the entrance of the highway section that ends at the terminal.

North on Cassady and from there the reverse route back to my house. I was benefitting from the tailwind when I started to climb the little slope up Havens Corner. I normally spin about 13-15mph. I was hitting 18-20mph while climbing.

33 miles. 14.7 mph average, 47 degrees


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