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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Trail Ride 02/17/2008 Ride Report

I don't know if you peeked outside today or not, but around 4PM the skies cleared and the temperature rose past 60 degrees. I rode with someone south on the Alum Creek Greenway Trail. We headed south and rode to the Confluence Trail Head. From Livingston to the trailhead is 8.1 miles. I took some pictures of the Refugee Road crossing. This is completely unacceptable. I rode through the mud and was clogged up my frame and almost lost my shoes when I had to stop in the middle of it. At least the city could lay some gravel down.

Sunday Trail Ride 02/17/2008 Ride Report

On the way back we continued north past Livingston through Bexley. The trail continues past Nelson Park and heads under 670. At that point the trail continues East and West. We headed West towards town. At Leonard it turns left and follows the road. We turned off as it neared and I-71. We finished up with 23.5 miles. Averaged 13.5mph. 61 degrees and sunny, until the sun went down.


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