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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Third Hand Bicycle Co-op Report

When you ride your bike through inclement weather, then let it bake on, then repeat for a week or so, the dirt becomes encrusted. It almost, just almost becomes a permanent part of the bike. Rinse and repeat only works so well. When we ran the chain through the cleaner chunks of gunk went flying. We were able to get the drivetrain pretty clean. Clean enough to realize a chunk of the derailleur pulley wheel is missing! That may have been the flying chunks.

The brakes were another story. They needed to be overhauled. Disassembled, then lubed and reassembled. Plus a new cable. Christian at the Third Hand did a great job of diagnosing, repairing and adjusting. He also had some advice for someone, "Clean your bike."

I recommend Third Hand if you are looking for a rehabbed bike, or to build up your own. Or if you want to learn how to repair your own. They also have t-shirts, patches and stickers to spread the word.



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