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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Very Cool Commuter Bike

The Civia was recently introduced and includes the Shimano Alfine Component Group

Civia designed the Hyland from the ground up, combining leading-edge technology and aesthetics into a bike of uncompromising performance and beauty. Simple yet elegant features like post disc mount brakes, sliding dropouts in the rear triangle, and a specially developed cable shaft make the bike as pleasing to ride as it is to see.

From frame to fork we chose the best materials to fit the function. Hyland’s lightweight aluminum frame is stiff, fast, durable and corrosion resistant. And when the time comes—many miles down the road—it is also fully recyclable. Sturdy and light, the carbon fork absorbs road shock and helps smooth your ride. Stainless steel headtube badge and hardware please the eye while resisting rust and corrosion, assuring years of worry-free performance.

The Hyland’s innovative hydroformed down tube features the cable tunnel; a recess for hydraulic brakes and cable housing that also provides extra frame stiffness. It makes cleaning easy, too. Simply undo the cable guides, slide the cables aside and wipe down the entire frame.

We took the sliding dropout concept to new heights by including a post disc brake mount. This lets you add a rear rack without any brake caliper interference. It also cleans up the drivetrain, eliminating the need for a derailleur-style cable-tensioning device.

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