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Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hello all, happy winter!

This e-mail is an open call to all or anyone wishing to help volunteer at WCRS and record short audio bits like Public Service Announcements, Promos or the Simply Living calender of events.

I can teach you how to record and edit such pieces. This is all very simple to do, if you have the ability to open, read, and respond to this e-mail, then you can make audio pieces.

This can be a lot of fun and creative- the sky's the limit.

You can make PSA's about issues and organization's you think share those of WCRS and Simply Living... of particular concern are making PSA's that connect low-income communities to rescources and empower them as well, "to strengthen and supplement efforts to eliminate and alleviate poverty … in the United States by encouraging and enabling persons from all walks of life, all geographic areas, and all age groups, including low-income individuals … to perform meaningful and constructive volunteer service in agencies, institutions, and situations where the application of human talent and dedication may assist in the solution of poverty and poverty related problems."

If you are interested in doing this, supporting a cause, using your voice and mind, and contributibng to your community radio station, then please contact me.

Zach Henkel


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