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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lucky Stride 2008 Alley Cat Ride Report

The threat of rain didn't stop me from heading over to the ride. It started and ended at Junctionview Studios in Grandview. I think there were about 40+ riders at the start. I was #33. It was a Le Mans mass start. We grouped at the back of the studio and ran to the bikes that were sprawled on the ground out front with our manifest. I rode with Megan and Philip for most of the ride. We rode the checkpoints in a clockwise pattern. If you are familiar with the checkpoints you will understand what I mean.

Junctionview Studios - START
Mirror Lake at OSU checkpoint
Bike Polo field at OSU checkpoint
Maynard and Summit grocery store checkpoint
Third Hand repair pit stop (pump up the wheels on Megan's bike and adjusted both wheels so they were actually connected to the bike)
Milo - Artist Coop? checkpoint
Main Library checkpoint
Spaghetti Warehouse checkpoint
Dodge Park checkpoint
McKinley Park checkpoint
Junctionview Studios - FINISH

It started to rain between the Dodge Park checkpoint and McKinley Park. We headed over the goofy Grandview Avenue on ramp street hill hybrid, whatever the hell that thing is to get to Goodale. It rained steady and heavier as we got closer to the Studio. I signed in with ten minuted left but can't remember what I placed. Not first, not even close.

Photos courtesy of Jim Cropcho. If you have any other photos please email them to me at raymondmgeorge [at]

Lucky Stride 3/15/08

More photos...

17 miles
Averaged 13mph
48 degrees, dropped to 42 when it started to rain.

GPSies - Lucky Stride Part 1

GPSies - Lucky Stride Part 2

Lucky Stride Results: This is how YOU wrote it. 1. Joe "Thunder Cat" Scarbro 2. Zach Henkel 3. Ryan Heflin 4. Nick Chenoweth 5. Ian Morton 6. Zeus Rosco P. Soultrain 7. Whore (?) 8. Nathan Biroschak 9. Christine Happel 10. Peter Brown 11. Alice Kocab 12. K.C. King 13. Eric Pacella 14. Daniel Eberle 15. D. Lewis 16. Ryan Eberle 17. Daniel Erb 18. Nick Carpenter 19. Daniel J. Francis 20. Levi Klau 21. Mickey Mochik 22. Blake Stevens 23. Michael Murtha 24. Jamarr Mays 25. Fancy Pants 26. Josh Malko (?) 27. Ray Gorge (sic) 28. Philip Thomas 29. Megan Alexander


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