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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3/10/2008 Ride Report

17 miles
20 miles - me
35-38 degrees
Ben's last ride for a while

Nice big pile of snow at the start became an art installation with our bikes. (see the pics)

We experienced our first patch of ice at the corner of Lane and High. As we headed through the intersection someone led us north and we hit a patch of slush and ice and three of us went down. We also had another experience with ice on Hudson. Ben slid around when we pulled over to let traffic pass.

Second elbow
I hit my right elbow this time around and have a bruise on my hip. Chris went down with no injuries, but Duncan fell and hit his head. Thank god he was wearing his helmet.

We rode down Cleveland and experienced some idiots who were honking at us.

6 then 5 then 6 then 7 then 6
We started with 6 people. Ben, Chris, Duncan, Jeremy, someone else, and Me. At Sunbury Duncan headed back (5). When we got to the High Beck, Keith met us to hang (6). Then Duncan showed up (7). Then we left Duncan at the High Beck to play ping pong (6)

Three Stops
High Beck, Tip Top, Carabar (Thanks for letting us bring our bikes into the bar)
The picture of me with Chris' glasses are a little scary.


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