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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3/24/2008 Ride Report

30.5 miles for three of us
If you rode to Valhalla you would have at least 18-20 miles (estimate) plus mileage home.
ave 12.1 mph
16-20 people. I don't recall actual total

First part of ride was from campus to the southeast then back into town and south on High to the bar.
Pizza and beer (a little justice for Jonny who provided beer at the park break and reluctantly received payback beer at the High Beck from Casey after a little gentle prodding)
Second part of ride was north on Cleveland and side streets that parallel I-71 up to N Broadway. Then we headed down Walhalla.
Everybody split up at that point.

Temps hovered between 31-35 degrees, but it was clear sky and felt colder.


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