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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Most expensive bicycle lights I have ever seen, REVISITED

Lupine BETTY 12
22W Power LED lamp, 1400 Lumens, Advanced Lens Disk 16°, frontglass anti-reflection coated, PCS 007 V7, 22/9/0,25 W, 3D adjustable mount, LED monitor, H-mount, 120 cm ex cable, Li-Ion rechargeable battery bottle 13,8 Ah,Charger One battery charger: charging current 2.5 A
Burn time 22 W: 6 hours
Burn time 0,25 W: 336 hours ( 2 week non-stop )
Charging time: 8 hours Weight: 810 g

1400 lumens for $990.00!

My only issue with this setup is the heat output. Supposedly when the lights are running at full output and you slow down the light will sense increase in temperature and adjust the light output. I do not experience this issue with my Light and Motion lights.


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