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Sunday, April 6, 2008

04/06/2008 Saturday Ride Recap

I got to ride with Jonny and someone else. We rode from my house north and did a loop. We rode through Johnstown, Sunbury, Galena and New Albany. My right knee started to hurt so we stopped to do some stretches. If a car would have passed by it would have looked like all three of us were knocked off our bikes and had broken legs the way we were laying on the ground and stretching. I am sure the homeowners thought it was an odd sight with three cyclists laying in their driveway stretching.

Total mileage: 62.8
Weather: clear and sunny 50-65 degrees


Anonymous said...

How were those towns you rode though? I've been thinking about biking to Granville after I check out the Creekside development in Gahanna by bike. Have you ridden out there by chance?

Columbus Rides Bikes said...

I have ridden through Gahanna many times. I believe I posted the bike routes in Gahanna a while back. You may want to search the blog.

Granville is a beautiful town. I would like to ride out there as well again. I rode through it on the Ridge Runner ride last year (I think that was the ride).

Sunbury is a nice little town with a town square, but Galena is really small, with only a strip of businesses.

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