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Sunday, April 20, 2008

COP SPOT Ride Recap 04/20/08

Ashley and I rode the Columbus Outdoor Pursuits SPOT ride. We decided to ride the century as preparation for TOSRV. It was partly sunny when we started and was in the low 60's. Not much of a headwind in the beginning. Headwind became a factor only when we headed south. We passed through the following cities; Ashville, Darbyville, Circleville, Amanda, Canal Winchester. We stopped in Circleville at the Main Street Pub for lunch. Basic fare, cheap prices. We stopped across the street for a much needed coffee break. While we drank our coffee it started to rain. It rained for most of the last 53 miles. The route designers loaded all the climbs at the end of the ride. Thanks! After riding 80 or so miles of flat we always appreciate climbs.

Not be morbid, but the ride seemed like a tour of cemeteries. Every time we turned the corner a cemetery awaited. We saw a mix of sizes. There were large ones and small ones with only a few gravestones and a lot of really old ones.

Why don't parks have bathroom facilities? We stopped at one small park that had part of the Ohio and Erie canal lock and there was no bathroom. So Ashley added to the water level in the lock. Just kidding... Although he did water the tree. One of many bathroom stops we made.

Mileage: 103.6 miles
Average: 14.8mph
Temp: 55-71 degrees
Weather: Partly sunny first half, steady light rain last 53 miles.


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