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Sunday, April 6, 2008

From the mailbag - Jonny's 04/06/2008 Ride Report

The plan was for my dad and I to start in Westerville, ride down to Circleville, and then back up to his office in Groveport. He was going to leave his bike at the office, throw mine in the back of his car, which is sitting in the parking lot, and drive home. Thus accomplishing the goals of leaving his bike at the office and getting his car home. (He had taken a company car to the airport, the reason his car is in Groveport) Once south of 270 the roads are beautiful, very little traffic, and gorgeous weather. (My biker burn is raging. SPF 150 for the next ride.) We stopped in Circleville for milkshakes at the Dairy Shack. Everything is going great until about a quarter mile from his office. I blow a spoke. My wheel is quite wobbled, even with the breaks all the way open it rubs. No problem, I'll just coast in and throw it in the car. Oh wait, you need keys to operate vehicles. So my dad is riding back to get keys. He'll drive the company car back here with his bike in the back and drop them off here, I'll throw my limping bike into his car and all will be well. We'll even accomplish the bonus goal of returning the company car. 70-some miles and a peanutbutter-banana milkshake, a good trade for one spoke. Oh and i get to play in environmental test chambers.
-40° F = -40° C. I did not know that.


Editor's note - I am still waiting for Jonny's first Brevet report.


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