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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4/14/2008 Ride Report

13 miles. 16 for me riding from bar to start.
40-45 degrees - dropped down to low 30's after we got to the bar.
30-40 people showed up.
We rode east then south. Ended up at Franklin Park. A couple of people hit the curb entering the park. We had a flat there also.
Pinky lost his U-Lock used in the now infamous road rage incident earlier in the day Monday.
We rode west toward town.
We stopped at Carabar waiting for another flat repair.
West across 71 into town.
South to the bar.
Several splinter groups rode different routes to the bar.
I was not feeling well so I headed home early.

If anybody has photos, video or route info please email it to raymondmgeorge [at] so I can post it.

Eyewitness account of a "incident" - Cropcho called in a tussle between Jonny and Isaac around High and Gay.


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