4/21/2008 Ride Report

60+ riders
60 degree weather

Ben and several of his friends came up from Cincinnati
We had several flat tire stops.
No GPS. Had it in my bag but got sick of being harassed for taking so long to get ready.

Someone had a Dahon folding bike and kept up quite well.
More impressive was the guy on the old school Huffy style banana seat bike who also participated in the drag races.

Route highlights
Campus south through Arena District
Arena District past the High Beck
We had a flat tire stop soon after that.
German Village over to Livingston Ave and onto Berwick
Berwick to Bexley
Bexley back to town and the High Beck.

I rode 38.5 miles.
After the High Beck a group rode another 10-20 miles. They headed down to Three Creeks Park.


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